Boris Johnson is now the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Around 3 years after the Ex-Prime Minister Theresa May spent her term cleaning up the Brexit mess created by David Cameron, Johnson is now all set to take charge. Johnson has also been dubbed as the UK equivalent of President Donald Trump.

To this, Trump signalled that the relationship between the United States and the U.K. are about to evolve in special ways. Before Johnson took charge, it was Theresa May who tried to develop a good relationship with Trump. Although things took off well at the start, the relationship soon soured when she reprimanded Trump over the impromptu arbitration in the UK affairs.

Back before Johnson took charge, he had insulted Trump with his flamboyant attitude. However, it seems the U.S. President has decided to forgive him. One such occasion was 4 years ago, back when Johnson was the mayor of London. He stated that Trump showcases a stupefying ignorance which makes him completely unfit to be the President of the U.S.

Now Trump has decided that Johnson is reformed and could be a potential ally who can deliver Brexit, something where Ex-Prime Minister May failed. As of now, Trump states that Johnson is actually sturdy as well as smart when it comes to handling cross-country relationships.

Let’s learn how the relationship between the U.S. and the U.K. evolve with Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

  • According to the former official for the state department, Amanda Sloat, the first-hand relationship between the leaders of the two countries is bound to get better with time in spite of the shaky past relationship.
  • As accounted over the years and much more recently, that Trump has clearly favoured Johnson as the leader of the United Kingdom. Moreover, it is certain that Boris and Trump are very likely going to be level-minded in terms of the Brexit issue.
  • It is safe to bet that one among the initial steps to create a distinctive relation between the two countries, Johnson’s first few trips will be straight to Washington. This will help the country represent a fresh transatlantic harmony. However, the tough question is if this special relationship shall involve real convergence over variable policies.
  • Even though Johnson might wish to coddle Trump, the thought of abandoning the long-held foreign policy of the United Kingdom is actually a particularly risky strategy to be opted by a new Prime Minister. This is particularly true for PM with thin mandate calling for an early onset of general elections. No one desires to visit the polls in the form of Washington’s “Poodle”.
  • However, if Johnson plans not to change his existing policies, this friendly inter-country ambiance might not last for long.
  • Now, it is obvious that friendship with Trump could also be a trap. This statement can be proved from the fact that as he was rooting for Johnson’s victory, he was also gunning for the alternative candidate Nigel Farage who was visiting Washington.
  • For long Farage has served as the ambassador for the UK at Washington. The actual choice of UK’s ambassador at the United States will ascertain how Johnson shall handle the relationships to evolve with Trump in the future.
  • But before this happens, Johnson might have to define his motives with Iran. His term arrives amid a full-fledged crisis with Iran right when the country has seized the Iran-based tanker right off Gibraltar under suspicion of delivering oil to the country of Syria.
  • Gone are the days when the United Kingdom could easily claim to bag a seat with Washington’s foreign policy table. In this sense, the special association might never return for the UK. Currently, Washington even skips the best alliances when it comes to matters of security and protection.
  • The crisis at the Gulf can even present the perfect opportunity for Johnson as Trump is eager to avoid any conflict. Creative diplomacy shown by Johnson could act as a face-saving recourse for Tehran and Trump to abandon any collision course locked into both sides.
  • All-in-all Trump is rather interested in obtaining a win as opposed to indulging in a war. This is why, he might want to support Johnson to obtain a stunning first-year start as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

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