There has been an explosive growth in science and technology over the last few years, and artificial intelligence is one of the best examples for that. Nowadays, artificial intelligence is being used in every sphere of life to ease our work, make it quicker and improve efficiency. Not only in regular desk job or everyday chores but AI plays an important role in tackling the increasing crime rate in every country. Unlike murders or burglary which have concrete evidence and is frequently investigated, child abuse is a crime that is spreading like a toxic virus yet gets so unoticed and not investigated most of the time.

Thousands and millions of images and videos of child abuse is being uploaded in the social media and other networking sites that is being shared through peer networks worldwide, but it still remains undetected or investigated properly. Recently with the use of AI, the UK police has started tracking these data on child abuse over the social media networks and developing a criminal database that will bear the details of these crimes and help punish the person behind these henious criminal mind. In this article let’s check out how the advanced AI technology is helping the police in UK to catch criminals and tackle child abuse cases quickly and efficiently.

  • Case Detection:

Every second there are hundeds of searches on child abuse images over the internet, and people share hundreds of thousands of images and videos worldwide. Thus, It is difficult for a computer program to distinguish between a normal image, a child abuse image any any other image like adult pornography. But with an inbuilt artificial intelligence algorithm, it automatically detects new child abuse photos and videos on online peer-to-peer network and stacks them in the UK’s Child Abuse Image Database (CAID). In this way, child abuse cases are detected more frequently, quickly and officers can start investigating or taking appropriate actions on the abuser before its too late.

  • Faster law enforcement:

An AI toolkit called iCOP is designed to capture new or previously unknown child abuse media automatically without the need to fish through huge amounts of data manually. iCOP uses advanced artificial intelligence program and amalgamates it with machine learning, which eases the process of searching and instantly filtering criminal media from other images and videos. These automated system uses media analysis technique to flag the criminal content and also tracks the person sharing the media by checking other information about that person. In this way, the overall workflow of the law enforcement officers is streamlined and such cases are handled more rapidly and efficiently.

  • Flagging offenders for future cases:

Surveys done on cases of child abuse reveal that most of the time people who share and posses child abusive images or videos are the ones directly involved in sexually or physically abusing children. Detecting and flagging such new cases not only helps the police to spot the abuser but also take strict actions to stop them more quickly. These AI programs also helps to maintain a thorough database of such cases and individually flag such offenders to help the law enforcement department to refer these instances in similar cases in future.

  • Image Recognition Software Tools:

When someone is approaching adulting age, it gets really difficult for human eyes to understand by an image whether the person is still a child or an adult. But the AI embedded detection system uses advanced face recognition system to filter and match those images with previously recorded case victims and then categorize them into groups based on their severity. The police officers are then presented with thumbnails of those pictures which are easy to be investigated. In this way, the system allows investigators to go through multiple cases within few minutes which earlier took hours or days to recognize.

Children are the future of this world. It is extremely important to give them a healthy upbringing for a better future. Victims of child abuse undergoes a lot of physical and psychologically stress which leads to many types of illness later in their life. These AI enabled automation technique used by UK police is helping combat child abuses cases to a great deal. These crime detection and categorization that had previously taken days to cover, are being attended within hours. Thus, reducing the rate of crimes drastically. Moreover, the introduction of CCTV cameras has also benefited to detect crime and produce evidence about the offender.

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