A new bright sun is about to shine on people in the UK who want to travel abroad. It is said that Britain is about to allow international travel to continue from May 17th. This restriction on international travel was placed way back and is in effect for several months.


Even though there are only 12 countries that have been green-lit to travel from the UK, traveling to these will only allow people for a quarantine-free holiday


Brits plan on spending all their money on holiday after lockdown


The people of Britain are planning to spend all their savings that they have done on holidays abroad once the lockdown is lifted. This statement is said after several studies and surveys that show brits are eager to travel around the world and move away from this lockdown situation. It is seen that one-third of the population of the country genuinely feels so and wants to travel to different countries.


Traveling abroad may be illegal even after May 17


Even though the government has allowed traveling to other countries from May 17th, British Airways has something else to say. They are publicly seen warning people that any form of unnecessary travel to other countries, which includes holidays, will still fall under the prohibited list.


The airway made a statement for the travelers set up for Heathrow to Faro trips on May 17, saying: “You can just travel globally from England for legally allowed reasons. This does exclude occasions and holidays. You might be needed to show [a Declaration to Travel] application at the port of the flight.


Entry in Spain is about to be allowed from next week


The country’s tourism minister has made a public statement that the country’s population would be allowed to travel to Spain. This is a more interesting statement as of now; Spain does not fall on the list of countries that has been green-lit by the government for travel from May 17th. Spain has been one of the most favorite destinations for Brits, and Spain’s tourism minister believes that Spain would fall under the green list soon enough.


4 out of 12 countries not requiring quarantine on arrival


In the green list of countries that the government has announced safe for traveling, 4 of them have made it not necessary to stay under quarantine after entering the country. It has been recently brought under the people’s attention that in most countries that people would be allowed to travel would require them to stay in quarantine upon arrival in the country. 

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