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Travelling is fun, and so is being a travel blogger. But do you know what’s more fun is? Getting paid for the blogs you write. At Blackbud, we are looking for freelance writers to create amazing content for us so that we can publish your content on our website and help you grow as a writer and pay you as well. You can write for us travel guest post and help us educate the clients. 

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Aside from all around explored and intelligible travel-related essence, we want you to learn. Thus new users are always welcome. 

What we Look for:

  • You can compose snappy features, which likewise urges a reader to push forward with the substance. 
  • If you have expertise in the field of hotel management and have adequate knowledge about hotels, write for us. Honest reviews are always appreciated. 
  • The content you create must be grammatical errors and plagiarism free. 
  • Make trip indications and tips to motivate the people who visit our site. 
  • Attractive pictures must be inserted in your article/blog, with a size no less than 800*400.
  • The content must be divided into paragraphs, subheadings, images, and bullet points to make them look enticing. 
  • We always welcome new people here. So if you’re an amateur writer, you need to do in-depth research before creating an article. 

Every content should be formatted as below:

  • Title: It should be within 68-74 characters. 
  • Subheading: The subheading should be between 160 and 180 characters. 
  • Introduction: It should get covered between 170-200 words. 
  • The main body: The body should not be less than 900 words and should consist of bullet points and subheadings, if necessary. 
  • Conclusion: Wrap up the article within 100 words. 

Subjects We Cover:

We are in search of travel content writers who can write down enjoyable travel-based content– be it web journals, substance, or pamphlets. We seek to provide more knowledge to our adventurous travel community online. 

Topics spread:

  • Destinations for vacations with family or friends. 
  • Areas you should avoid going to
  • Beaches
  • Adventurous places
  • Winter travel
  • Summer travel
  • Tips for international travelling
  • Travelling alone

Who we write for:

  • The content that we publish is aimed at providing advice and refreshing ideas to the travel community while they’re planning a trip. So, if you have any travel tips, write for us.
  • We seek to make our audience aware of what not to do and what to do while travelling alone. By going through our content, blog readers can learn from mistakes made by others. 

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If you fancy travelling and want to share your experience with the world, contact us through the mail. We heartily welcome all the writers having expertise in it. 

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