Graphic design is a profoundly versatile and imaginativecareer that can take you almost anywhere.Whether you are passionate about tasks related to the web or looking for job options that can spark your imagination, graphic designing will suit you best. Here is a list of careers that you can jump into with a graphic design degree and work on a range of interesting projects just by switching up your style.

  1. Graphic designer–Graphic designers mainly focus on developing graphics and layouts for service illustrations, brand logos and functional web pages. They are typically hired by enterprises, such as technology-based magazines, where they engage in creating magazine layouts and advertising, print production and web design.
  2. Creative director–Creative directors put emphasis on the creative vision of a project, including video games, films, magazines, advertising campaign or brand identity.They are expected to possess managing skills, leadership, as well as budgeting and time management abilities.
  3. User experience (UX) designer–UX designers specialize in developing products, digital operations and services for users that are seamless,accessible and futuristic. On a typical day, these professionals indulge in running user tests,to refining any flaws or interruptions in the process. They are also proficient at designing web pages to make them visually appealing and simple to use.
  4. User interface (UI) designer–UI designers focuses on how the product is laid out, ensuring that the layout visually works with the overall path that has been sketched by a UX designer.To ensure the product remains consistent, these professionals pay close attention to style coherence while defining each page.
  5. Production artist–Production artists are in charge of the hands-on steps of production, including graphics, film, art or other digital formats. They might suggest improvements to the digital piece, by executing final touches like scaling, precise cropping, base retouching and re positioning.
  6. Product developer–Product developers lead and manage the creation of products, executing tasks such as industry research, creating illustrations, presenting products to stakeholders and contributing to the overall development process.They lay their hand in tasks from creating digital marketing material to producing packaging for print.
  7. Art director − Art directors are accountable for the visual outlook and content in magazines, news articles, product packaging, as well as productions of movies and TV shows.They liaise with their employers and clients to depict an artistic vision that is in line with the objectives, available budget and proposed out come.

The road to career success might look different for every job role but the only way to start is by opting for a graphic design program. It will make sure that you receive the necessary formal training that can open doors to potential career prospects in the future.

If you are interested in landing any of the above-mentioned jobs, then studying a graphic design course can help you reach your goals. Sign up for a course today and get a chance to grab the popular career opportunities in no time!

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