When it comes to selecting stylish glasses, you wouldn’t want to miss the summer fashion upgrade. Summer demands to be welcomed with style, elegance and sophistication. If you are out in the sun, then your sunglasses are a must but if indoors, a great pair of glasses looks utterly beautiful.

Talking about fashion upgrades, new designs in glasses are launched by various companies and there’s quite a lot that’s hitting the streets. These latest designs are worn not only by the youngsters but celebrities and Supermodels as well.

If you are also looking for a fashionable eye-wear upgrade this summer to reflect your personality, then the wait is over. We’ve sorted out the top 3 stylish glasses that are as hot as this summer.

Best 3 Stylish Glasses for the Summer glow

1) Metallic frames – Light and Airy

Metallic frames are greatly made for the summer. It’s lightweight, airy and purely comfortable to wear and style your look. However, the latest metallic frames are now available in an even lighter and small design that makes it chicer. The best part about metallic frames is being extremely delicate and smooth in the overall design. It is not bulky or bold hence doesn’t cover up many areas on your face. It accentuates your facial features more and gives you enough space to shine.

Apart from the lightweight design, the metallic frames act as a beautiful boundary around your eyes in a subtle and chic way. That manages to create a sharp look. You can metallic frames are all sorts of beautiful textures and designs to add in your summer upgrade. Available in all sorts of color, the metallic luster gives a great finish to your look. It gives your glasses designer a look which works smoothly on your casual or formal outfit choice.

2) Transparent Frames – Fresh and Flashy

Every seen a fresh beam of color, that’s none other than transparent glasses. Transparent glasses are crystal clear which shines and glimmer in its acetate beauty. The fresh design and youthful appeal of transparent glasses make it a hot trend for this summer. The shine of these frames is quite irresistible, it shines and catches your attention instantly.

Whether you are wearing a dark brown suit or vibrant pink, pairing it with transparent frames works like a gem. The transparent design irresistibly shines through any color outfit and adds great volume to your look. It makes your face the primary piece of attraction while making it look refreshing and active. You can get transparent frames in all sorts of hues, pink, purple, blue, yellow or brown. It proves out to be one of the stylish glasses for men and women. Also, it goes great with any complexion.

3) Wooden Frames – Neutrally Calm and Solid

Ever heard about wooden frames and their charm on your face? An underrated gem in the various range of eyeglasses out there. Wooden frames are made with wood and are created in subtle texture. It gives off a soothing and calm vibe along with the appeal of ultimate class and elegance. Wooden frames are a sophisticated choice, not everyone can manage to pull it off. The design and texture work with only the well-dressed personality.

It is lightweight and comfortable on your skin. It’s not very flashy or bold, but beautiful and subtle in its design. Wooden glasses go great with formals because it gives a smart and sharper look to your face. One of a stunning piece of stylish glasses for women and men that goes unnoticed to be worn. The calming and soothing vibe of the frames is significantly charming and the best summer upgrade to happen.

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