Every year, as one season fades into another, there is a new list of tasks to tackle when it comes to properly maintaining your garden and landscaping. From cleaning out the rain gutters at the start of spring to keeping the grass nice and trim throughout the summer, your to-do list truly changes with the seasons.

That list presents an entirely new set of jobs that should be seen to before fall officially transitions into winter. In most places, winter is the time of year that sees some fairly cold temperatures and even ice and snow setting in. You want to ensure that your garden is fully prepped and ready for such weather as and when it arrives.

A substantial part of your to-do list for this time of the year is going to involve a great deal of cleaning and tidying things up. The cold, often damp weather of winter can wreak havoc on your garden in this respect and will prevent you from doing any tidying, most likely until spring has arrived.

Here are a few of the key things in your garden that you should clean up before winter arrives so that you can avoid an unmanageable mess come springtime.

Tile and Grout

If you have some sort of tile work in your garden, whether you have a mosaic of sorts or if you have a water feature that has tile incorporated into the design, you will want to take the opportunity before winter arrives to give such things a good clean. Once winter sets in, it will be too cold for you to give tile and grout a proper cleaning, so it is best to do so before the temperature drops too significantly.

If you find that any grouting work is looking worse for the wear, this is also the ideal time to gather your grouting equipment and make necessary repairs. You don’t want to leave such jobs for the spring as the damage might be far too great by then.

Paving Slabs

Paving slabs can serve as an excellent patio or walkway surface in any garden. However, throughout the year, these slabs can start to accumulate a great deal of dirt and dust. Before the rain and snow of winter arrive, use a power washer to give your paving slabs a much-needed clean.

This is an ideal task to tackle when you know that the weather will be a bit sunny for the day so that you can use the warmth from the sun to dry your slabs for maximum impact.

Plant Pots

Before winter arrives, you will likely be changing out the plants you have in your garden for those who are happier in colder temperatures, such as evergreens. If you have potted plants that aren’t suitable for winter, you might consider storing them in a safe space until spring or emptying out your pots altogether.

Either way, you should look to clean all the debris and dirt from your plant pots so that they will be bright and ready for when spring returns.

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