Many people would consider the electronic cigarette to be a novel invention – first created by the chain-smoking Chinese innovator Hon Lik in 2003. The development of technology, however, moves at a rapid pace. The electronic cigarette industry is highly competitive, and one of how companies can hope to compete is by offering customers new and exciting technology applications in their products. There are billions to be made in the electronic cigarette industry, and companies are falling over each other to innovate their products and reach the top of the market.
Here are some examples of how technology is being adapted for use in the inhalation market.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity is becoming more and more common in e-cigarettes. The reason? It largely has to do with why the e-cigarette was invented in the first place – helping people quit smoking. A modern high-tech e-cigarette can send information to a smartphone app via a Bluetooth connection.

The information stored by the app can include nicotine density, usage regularity, and time of day. Using this information, an app can show the user how much they are using their electronic cigarette and when. It can help users see patterns in their addiction and help them create strategies and goals to do with cutting down on nicotine.

Bluetooth connectivity between a smartphone and an electronic cigarette is an example of what analysts have named ‘the Internet of Things’. This term refers to how ‘smart’ objects will have the ability to communicate through internet connections or Bluetooth links to improve their function for human gain.

Pod Systems

The electronic cigarette industry has been absolutely turned on its head by one development: the pod system. On a conventional vape pen, the liquid is refilled manually by squeezing a little oil onto the metal coil. The vape needs to be cleaned before a new flavor is added, or the user will be subjected to a strange cocktail of tastes. In a pod system, all the user needs to do is click a fresh pod into a little magazine well, and they are good to go.

Pod vape kits are easy to refill, require very little cleaning and maintenance, and can be made to look far more stylish than the huge sub-Ohm kits or plastic-looking replica cigarettes. Most of the best-selling vape kits worldwide are now pod systems, and the market is completely swamped by companies offering the devices. Pod systems are good for the user, but they are better for the company selling them. Because the user can purchase extra pods, the revenue stream for the manufacturer and seller is diversified.

Sub Ohm Vaping

All electronic cigarettes use an electronically heated coil to evaporate liquid – turning it into a vapor that can be inhaled. Traditionally, the metal coil would have a resistance to the electricity of above 1 Ohm. The more resistance an electrical conductor, like a coil, has, the less efficient it is to produce big clouds of mist.
Sub Ohm coils have a resistance to electricity below 1 Ohm, meaning that electricity is conducted seamlessly around the entire coil. This means that a person can create huge clouds of vapor without subjecting their e-cigarette to excessive heat that could burn their cotton wick or make the device uncomfortable to hold.

Voice Activation

Voice activation has been offered as part of some fourth-generation kits. Users can control coil heat and airflow using voice commands. This can be useful because it allows the user to control the function of their kit verbally, and if it is connected to the app via Bluetooth, it adds to the usage data that can monitor activity if one is trying to cut down or even quit smoking.

Touch Screen

The use of touch screens has been around for a good decade now, from the earliest tablets and smartphones; virtually everything now has a touchscreen or at least the option to be one. Vape kits are no different. Some models have touchscreens that can flick through the settings like you would on the app, check the battery life, check the heat, liquid levels, and more.


A more simple but essential technology that has developed over the life of vaping technology is the battery. As the models have improved, the batteries have become cheaper to make, and better functioning so has the capacity for longer-lasting battery power, which in turn supports all of the functions, such as better controlled heating, touch screens, voice control, and Bluetooth connectivity.

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