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Hiring an Android App Development Company to design an app that specifically caters to the needs of your company is an excellent idea. It does hold more than 80% of the market share. However, the iOS platform is just as good and will allow you to reach a wide audience base. You can always convert it to an Android app in the future and continue to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Making a transition from an iOS app to an Android app is quite possible. However, there are a few challenges in the way and a price to pay.

The Cost of Converting an iOS App to an Android App

There are significant differences between the design of an app on an iOS platform and Android. Hence, they require different types of development. The conversion process incurs the cost to port to another platform, and various factors need to be considered when calculating costs.

  • Does the app use an Android or iOS user-interface
  • System frameworks
  • Programming languages
  • APIs
  • Handling security in ported code
  • SDKs or software development kits
  • How to get Android apps on iPhone
  • Interaction of the app with hardware elements
  • Type of Android device supported

The cost you incur amidst the conversion process also depends upon your understanding of the complete Cocoa Touch API, Objective C/Swift, and the iOS SDK. Running the integrated development environment (Xcode IDE) requires a powerful Mac computer. While using the Android SDK and the Android IDE, you will need to see if the iOS platform has a closed source and proprietary nature in addition to a large array of APIs.

One of the great features of an Android platform is that it has an open-source nature which is crucial for app conversion. Some programs will assist, but none of them are capable to complete the conversion. Hence, the J2ObjC Google open-source tools will enable an IOS Application Development Company to use Android code for iOS platforms through code translation.

Anyone who wants to calculate the cost of converting an iOS app to an Android needs to consider the size of the project. The average cost for a small-scale project is anywhere between: $10,000 to $40,000. The final price will depend on size and features. The cost of a moderate scale app will range from $40,000 to $80,000 based on features, while a complex app with advanced features can go well over $80,000.

Challenges While Converting iOS App to Android App

Even the very best IOS Application Development Company can face challenges while converting an iOS app to Android. It is because various factors come into play during the conversion process. Some of these challenges include:

1) Screen size 

The most common problem faced by developers when it comes to porting an app from iOS to Android is the screen size. There is a significant difference in screen size between iOS and Android apps. Moreover, developers have to choose the right bitmap size for the app based on the gadget.

2) No variation

 Android apps function smoothly across various devices with varying screen sizes. On the contrary, iOS smartphones don’t have different sizes. It is because Apple Inc. only manufactures iPhones whereas, various brands manufacture Android devices. 

3) Distinct UX features for navigation buttons

While Android devices have a back button, iPhones do not have one. Hence, the developer has to include this in the UI for iOS apps. If you consider the design of the app, there are a few major differences that include:

  • Large keys as opposed to square.
  • The lists have arrows that point right.
  • Tabs are featured at the bottom as opposed to the top.

Each of these issues needs to be addressed during the designing of the UI. A thorough assessment of the various specifications for navigation systems and platform grids is crucial as they vary significantly for Android and iOS devices.


So, just imagine packing all the features inside an iOS app and then having to transport it to an Android app. It will require quite a few changes. However, a reputable Android App Development Company will efficiently handle your project, be it a small, moderate, or complex one. So, wait for no further and hire a reputable app development company, today!

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