Temporary Storage and Short Term Storage Options for Moving

Temporary storage space is needed for moving for another country, moving to a new home, estate planning etc. These are a few situations when you need temporary storage space. Shifting your stuff to storage space is temporary, easy and flexible. There are various companies who offer temporary storage units offering flexible time leases. 

Now let’s dive into the Short Term Storage Space and options for moving.

Storage units for temporary storage space

It is a cost-effective and effective option if storage units are close to your home. Companies offer indoor and outdoor storage facilities with different sizes to the customers. The outdoor storage unit is designed like a garage and also have a garage-style door. Indoor storage units are expensive and the best security place to store the items.

Why people need temporary storage space?

The reasons are as follows:

  • To keep decor and personal items safely when people sell their house.
  • Children use these units to store the dorm items when they are going for college holidays during the end of the sessions.
  • If you are moving to a new house but the closing date of a new home gets delayed.
  • Military people to store their personnel when they move to a new city or country.

You are not required to change the city or country to get benefits from temporary storage units.

You can rent a space to keep your extra and unnecessary items of the house. People with limited storage space also go for this option.

Rental agreements of temporary storage units:

Companies do not allow people to rent space for a week only. You will find very rare companies who allow weekly rental facility. Companies offer month to month leasing facility which a great option is offered by the companies. You must read the terms and conditions of the contract before renting a storage space. 

The average cost to rent a temporary storage space

It totally depends on the season, size, weather, space and duration. The average cost ranges from $50 to $300.

Other Storage option – Moving Containers

Portable moving containers are another storage option for temporary storage. People choose moving containers while renovating their homes.

There are several factors to consider while making the decision

  •  Check whether they are offering a vehicle to move the large items without charging extra money.
  • Storage spaces are cost-effective than other storage options. But they don’t provide driveway facility.
  • No need to get a city permits if you are keeping the container at your home while the case is opposite in storage units.
  • The storage facility provides 24*7 accesses to the items while it is not possible in portable containers. Most of the container companies storing your personal stuff do not allow 24*7 access. 
  • Storage units allow third-party movers near Vancouver. They can take the items in and out of the facility. You can give them the authority and security key to provide access to your items. 

Difference between short term storage units and Portable Containers

  • Storage units are a great option while you are moving out of the house. Right from the staging, packing to moving. Whereas portable containers are a great option when you are moving to a long distance. It is easy to ship your items to your new place.
  • You can easily access the items in short term storage units whereas portable containers do not provide easy access to the items.
  • Loading and unloading of the items are not easy in short term storage space. Some companies do not provide the drive-in facility. Loading and unloading of the items is easy in portable containers.
  • Short term storage unit space is cost-effective whereas portable containers are a little expensive. They offer a moving truck option which is expensive but it is a great convenient option for you.

Are you still confused about the storage option? We will recommend you to choose the option according to your need and requirement.

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