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At BlackBud, we want a modest yet energetic group of creators conveying cutting edge content. We want our writers and creators to imbue greatness in our compositions, and so that you can improve your writing skills. 

Our Ranking Stats (Improves Continually):

  • Global Alexa Ranking: 198,562
  • USA Alexa Ranking: 24,639

We need a group of Technical Writers who have excellent knowledge in technology, write for us, who can flawlessly change that frequently confounding substance blurred with dense jargon into a simple form so that readers can have a simple blog to read which will motivate them to visit our website often.

What we look for:

  • Writers must be entirely committed to the content that they agreed to create. 
  • Plagiarism and grammatical errors are taken very seriously, so the content must be free from both. 
  • The title and the pictures inserted should be captivating enough to attract the blog readers. 
  • The article should not have been published previously elsewhere. 
  • If you’re not an expert in this field, do in-depth research before creating an article/blog.
  • The content must include paragraphs, bullet points, subheadings and pictures to make it intelligible. 
  • To make the content clear, references and proper linkbacks should be inserted. 

Every content should be formatted as below:

  • Title- 64-78 characters
  • Subtitle160-180 characters
  • Introduction170-200 words
  • Body900-1000 words (bullet points and subheadings, if necessary) 
  • Conclusion100 words 

Subjects We Cover:

So, ladies! Have questions while switching from a particular technology to another? We’ve got you. Our writer holding expertise in this field has got everything covered. Our blog seeks to help you choose the best practices. 

Topics spread:

  • Computer science
  • Information technology
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Digital marketing
  • Gadgets
  • Recent developments
  • Update logs
  • Data analytics
  • Applications

Who we write for:

  • We want some writers who are interested in tech blogs, write for us so that many companies, as well as individuals, can prefer our website for further information. We always welcome new people at Blackbud.
  • Through our content, we provide useful and relevant information regarding the rapid development that’s taking place in technology. This makes it easy for our technological community online to weigh the cons and pros and choose the correct decision. 

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Are you one of the technophiles? If yes, then use your curiosity to earn money. You can share your technological know-how and information regarding recent developments in the exchange of money. 

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