Stop Drainage Problems In a Garden Using Water Butt

Why should you use green water butt? Flooding and soggy soils are becoming more and more of a concern in gardens. Compacted gardens are difficult to turn into a useable garden area since they are saturated. Simply a lot of rain doesn’t often cause garden floods.

If rain levels haven’t increased yet, conditions have become muddier, something else may play. Unexpectedly, there are several reasons why other floods may be occurring. No matter how long your garden has been soaked, you can generally find a remedy.

In this post, we’ll talk about the dangers of having a flooded garden, as well as the most prevalent causes of the issue and what you can do to fix it.

What’s Causing My Garden To Get Soggy And Flood?

Use a green water butt: Flooding may occur for various causes, and contemporary landscaping choices have made it all too frequent. Our leisure time for gardening has dwindled considerably during the last 40 years. Due to people’s desire for a “low care landscape,” flower beds and groomed lawns have declined in popularity. Historically, they have absorbed excess storm runoff and allowed water to return to the subsurface, where it belongs.

As a result, gardens have lost trees and plants that transpire water from the soil. Rainwater cannot reach the underlying ground because of the large amount of decking and pavement. These surfaces hasten runoff and overload drainage systems and the natural capacity of the land to absorb water.

As the number of people who own cars has risen, many front lawns have been converted into additional parking spaces. These issues have been exacerbated even more by the rise in the popularity of synthetic lawns.

As a result, weather patterns have become more erratic, with more rain falling on the ground on average each year.

A New Building Venture

If your garden has just begun to flood, you may be able to discover the cause by peering over the fence. Extensions and patios built recently may have reduced the permeability of the ground nearby. These may also speed up runoff, resulting in a surplus of stormwater that has nowhere to go once it hits the ground. A new expansion is often the cause of this issue.

Impenetrable Surfaces

Hard garden surfaces that don’t let water pass through are known as impervious surfaces. Patios, decks, concrete, and tarmac are examples of outside surfaces that may be used. These all work to keep water from soaking in and speed up the process of evaporation. Resin-bonded aggregate and open-textured asphalt are examples of hard landscape surfaces that allow some permeability.

The ideal choice is loose gravels if you want to construct a hard surface that is also completely porous. If you feel your garden’s impervious surfaces are causing flooding, locate where the water is going. The lowest point may be found by using a spirit level. After that, water may be collected in some form of grilling chamber. Soak-away or a French drain are two options.

Here Are Some Tips On How To Keep Your Garden From Flooding

  • Clean The Drains And Gutters

Use a green water butt. Blocked gutters and drains are one of the most prevalent causes of a flooded backyard. Heavy rain may overflow your gutters, flooding your landscape, and clogged drains prevent the water from escaping.

  • Fill Up A Water Butt With Water

After you’ve cleaned up the gutters and planted a lush garden full of greenery, it’s time to add a water feature (rain barrel). Place the barrel at the bottom of the downspout to collect the rainwater that collects there.

Once the heavy rain has stopped, use a green water butt pump to empty the barrel before the next rainfall.

Wrapping Up

The first step in figuring out how to drain your garden is to identify the source of the water build-up. The key to avoiding spending time and money on the incorrect remedy is to get the diagnosis right from the start. Diagnosis accuracy is dependent on familiarity with four essential points:

  • Local floodplains

  • Topographical aspects of the area

  • The rate of development and saturation density

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