How to Spruce Up Your Living Room Before Winter


Winter is a magical time of year for many people. The soft snow falling and the holiday season’s approach is enough to get anyone in the yuletide spirit. That being said, it is also a season of shorter days and colder temperatures, causing many to seek home’s comfort and shelter for most of the day.

When you know that you are going to be spending a great deal of your time indoors, it is a good idea to take steps ahead of time to make the indoors as comfortable as possible ahead of time. A clean, cosy is exactly what you and your family will be needing this winter. This is going to be particularly true for the room in your house that you will be getting the most use out of the living room.

If you are planning on spending a great deal of time in your living room catching up on your favorite shows and enjoying some family time together this winter, here are a few things that you can do to give that room a spruce up before winter sets in.

Give the Space a Deep Clean

Before you can start making your living room as cosy as possible for the winter season, you should first take steps to get the space as clean as possible. Since living rooms tend to have quite a bit of fabric in them in the form of sofas, curtains, and carpets, starting with these is a good plan.

Start by taking care of the carpets. All of the foot traffic that your floors have seen through the warmer months of the year have very likely resulted in a build-up of dust and dirt that can make your carpets and rugs appear dingy. It can also negatively affect the air quality in your home. You can rent a carpet cleaner if you are the DIY type, but bigger jobs should be left to the professionals. Any rugs that you have can be entrusted to expert rug cleaning London.

Once your floors have been taken care of, you should look to clean your sofas and any throw pillows that you have on them. You might only be able to wash to covers of your pillows, but even that can go a long way. Curtains should also be washed accordingly, as these can gather a large amount of dust throughout the year.

Add Extra Comfort

Once the cold of winter sets in, everyone in your house will be looking for ways of staying warm and cosy. You can make this easy enough by adding in some comfortable blankets and soft throw pillows to the sofas and chairs in your living room.

If you are worried about such things making the room appear untidy, you can always explore some simple storage options. For instance, a storage ottoman is a great place to keep those comfy blankets when they are not in use. You can also use any drawers on coffee tables or television consuls for extra pillows.


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