Bracelet accessories here for centuries to add styles to our personality. Men and women both prefer to use bracelets in day-to-day life as well. There are many types of bracelets available to style differently. And some pieces are trendy nowadays that you surely will love to try. Like, a charm bracelet or custom name bracelets. 

It feels so special to wear kinds of accessories that describe your name or your dear one’s name. There are many ways and jewelry accessories available that will help you to show up your name. For example, with custom jewelry products, you can carve your names on necklaces or bracelets very easily. This article will describe some popular jewelry styles or, in other words, mainly the bracelet style to show a specific name. 

The custom jewelry market is growing, and we have many jewelry options to choose from for both men’s jewelry and women’s jewelry. Now the customization is available in every gift product, clothing, and jewelry accessories. So with customization, it’s easy to create something meaningful and unique. Bracelets and earrings are the fashion accessory that we consider wearing on occasions and frequent wear. 

Let’s try custom jewelry accessories to create a new look than the ordinary one. Let’s go with bracelets accessories that carry meaning and mainly your name. Here we suggested some custom name bracelets pieces that you must add to your capsule wardrobe.

Popular Types of Custom Name Bracelets 

  • Signature Style Bracelets 

The signature style or handwritten style is the most common style to customize a bracelet or necklace. The signature bracelet will be a memorable jewelry piece with your handwriting or your loved one’s handwritten name. You can customize names or short messages with your loved one’s handwriting. 

You can use popular material to carve this bracelet piece. Like you can go with silver, gold, platinum or rose gold. Handwritten jewelry is a memorable fashion accessory to gift someone special. 

custom name bracelets

  • Name Bracelets with Gold 

The classic style of name bracelets is the most common and popular piece among custom jewelry products. You can engrave your name in different languages and font styles with your choice in this piece. Custom jewelry allows you to be an artist, and that’s the reason custom-made jewelry and gifts are much impressive. 

You can shop for some unique jewelry pieces that are only made for you. And the classic style of name bracelet will give you the best output with stunning gold material. Or you can choose your preferred material. 

  • Customized Bangle and Cuff Bracelets 

Bangle or cuff-style bracelets are a routine accessory of women’s fashion. Well, cuff bracelets are popular for men’s jewelry as well. But the thing is, now you can engrave names on your favorite bracelet type with customization. Moreover, the bangle and cuffs are many similar bracelet types. But the difference is, cuff bracelets consist of open space, so you can adjust your bracelet, which bangle form doesn’t have. 

In the cuff or bangle bracelets, you can engrave names, initials, cordinates, and a short and sweet message with your preference. If you wish to express something to your special one, then you can express your feelings with a message bracelet. Sounds interesting, right? Surely try for it. 

  • The Best Ever Charm Bracelets 

Every woman loves to wear some dangling clinky accessories, right! If you also enjoy wearing some dangling, then a charm bracelet is always there to go up with your fashion. In charms, you can go to customization for an initial letter, numbers, or names. With names, you can also add some extra charms like a music symbol, animals, rainbows, and more you like.  

  • Bar Name Bracelets

Again it’s a timeless custom jewelry piece to have. The bar name bracelets are classic and will surely give you a stunning look in everyday wear too. The bar pattern is as well famous in the custom name necklaces.

  • Silicone Bracelets 

Custom name bracelets are available in different forms and materials. Here let’s try for the custom-made silicone bracelets. The best thing about using a silicone bracelet is it comes up with a variety of eye-catchy colors. So you can have your custom name bracelets with your favorite color. 

In silicone bracelets, you can customize names, initials, or messages. The custom-made silicone bracelets are the best to gift your friends. Like you can use it as friendship bracelets. 

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  • Birthstone Bracelets 

Every birthstone represents a specific month, so it’s a good opportunity to wear your birthstone in a bracelet accessory. You can create your design for a birthstone bracelet with custom jewelry stores. A birthstone bracelet is a pretty good option to gift your soulmate or your close person. 

  • Infinity Bracelets 

As the name suggests, infinity bracelets have the infinity symbol. And with custom jewelry, you can engrave names, messages, and birthstones on it. You can go creative for custom name bracelets to engrave your specific design with the help of customized jewelry stores. In the infinity bracelet, you can customize more than one name so it can be a kind of family or bracelet. 

So it’s all the trendy custom name bracelets styles to show your name. 


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