Do you have plans to migrate to Australia for higher education? Then it is mandatory to clear an English competency exam. Unlike a few years back, when IELTS was the only test for overseas students to prove their capability in the English language. 

The Department of Immigration & Border Protection and all Australian universities have now agreed to accept PTE Academic clearance test results as well.

However, there are numerous reasons why most students prefer to opt for PTE & prepare with Best PTE with AI course online rather than preparing for the IELTS exam. 

The Pearson’s Test of English (PTE) is devised to assess the ability of the test-takers in English Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing in a comprehensive manner. 

PTE Exam

But before we look into the advantages of taking the PTE test, let us look into the varied salient features of the PTE exam:

  • PTE evaluates a student’s capability in English communication in all forms – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking
  • Preparing for the test is easy because the best PTE with AI courses are freely available online to help students access them anytime and from anywhere.
  • The best website to practice PTE academic allows students to learn and practice through PTE practice tests & mock tests until they are ready.
  • The online PTE course material & practice websites are regularly updated with new topics and types of questions that are introduced in the current PTE exams.
  • The best website to practice PTE academic simulates the pattern of questions with that of the real exam to help students become familiar with the test pattern and not freak out on the final day.
  • PTE questions are evaluated by a programmed Artificial Intelligence bot which makes the test easy to practice and score.
  • The PTE online tutorials come with a specific study plan which enables candidates to efficiently cover the whole material within the stipulated time without stressing over an information overload.
  • Another unique feature of the PTE examination is that the test is assessed over a pre-assigned set of marks which can be acquired easily if you follow the right strategy and deliver the right answer. 

Listed below are the primary benefits of PTE which lure thousands of candidates to take the test every year.

  • The first and foremost reason is that when you apply for an Australian visa, the immigration department will mandatorily require a defined PTE score to grant your visa. 
  • PTE is a fully computerized exam and is conducted over 150 centers all across the globe throughout the year. This is highly convenient for students to choose their exam dates and timing when their preparation is complete. And they can easily prepare for the exam through Best PTE with AI course online. 
  • The best website to practice PTE academic allows an applicant to take mock tests, which are similar to the actual exam as many times as they want. This will help them understand their mistakes and rectify them to improve the performance before the actual exam. 
  • If you have limited financial aids, you can obtain a PTE voucher. This voucher code can be applied to avail of a high discount. 
  • Unlike IELTS, PTE exam dates are easily available & the result of the exam is generated within 5 working days. 
  • PTE doesn’t have any type of human intervention in any stage of the test. This makes it one of the most impartial and unbiased evaluation processes. 
  • There are no ambiguous questions asked in the PTE exam. This feature makes it popular among students. Moreover, in IELTS the questions are based on local accents and dialects which leaves non-native English speakers confused which don’t happen with PTE. 
  • If you are a student aiming to settle down in Australia with Permanent Resident Visa, a high PTE score can enhance your eligibility options in the Immigration skills test. 
  • Another advantage of taking the PTE assessment over IELTS is that the PTE results are released quickly, as fast as within 5 working days. 

If you have the skill and wish to pursue your career or future in Australia or New Zealand, then PTE Academic is a brilliant opportunity to crack the visa requirement for migration and Permanent Residency.

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