Electric Shower Replacements

A fully furnished house is a dream of every person on this earth. Everyone wants a modern living room, modern kitchen, furnished bedrooms and bathrooms with equipped gadgets. But have you ever thought that these gadgets have their own life of working and even they get older?

Before getting entirely restricted, what is needed is to look for the signs of the appliance getting sick and repair it after that. Still didn’t understand what we are talking about, I am talking about how to repair or replace my electric shower. 

I bet you haven’t studied about it anywhere. But here you get the complete details about electric shower replacements. So dive in now. 

Why is Your Electric Shower Not Working? 

First of all, before knowing how to replace your electric shower, you need to know why your electric shower not working. What can be the possible reasons for it to get disturbed? Know it now.

  • Tripping Switches 

Stop tripping switches. You must not switch it on and off again and again. This creates an unwanted electric impulse within the machine which can create damage to the electric shower. 

  • Unit Coming Off 

You must watch the inbuilt unit that is concealed under the ceiling tiles. If the electric shower unit is coming off the ceiling or from its board, you must get it repaired. Because electricity and water are not good combinations for us. 

  • Burning Smell 

If you enter your washroom and have a feeling of something getting burned or if you smell something rotten, you must look for your electric shower or for that matter any other electric gadget placed in your washroom. This ensures safety.

How To Know You Need Electric Shower Replacements? 

Let us know about the signs that tell you that now you need an electric shower replacement and the older one can not be there in your washroom for too long.

  • No Hot Water Anymore 

If there is no supply of any hot water when you switch on the shower, there is a serious issue with your shower then. You must get it changed. 

  • Distorted Heating Element 

If the temperature of the water is getting uncontrolled and you can no longer judge its heating temperature, this means that the heating element or the coil of the electric shower has lost its power. This is a result that needs repair or replacement.

  • Water Leakage From Electric Shower 

It is not at all a good sign. Water with the loose wires creates a huge blast and can give anyone a cruel electric shock. Thus, it must get repaired or replaced as soon as possible. The leakage, if it can be repaired, should be stopped immediately. 

  • Electric Shower Not Turning On

If you are trying to switch off your electric shows and it is still on, this means that the Solenoid valve needs replacements. This valve is responsive to control the flow of water from the shower. 

How To Get Electric Shower Replacements Done? 

Now after knowing everything about the electric shower, let us quickly jump onto the process of electric shower replacements. 

Disconnect Power supply: You first have to disconnect the power supply to your electric shower so that once you start the replacement it does not give you an electric shock.

Remove the unit: You can easily remove the unit not by hand but by using hardware tools. First, you have to open the nut bolts that secure the unit and then you can separate it from the ceilings.

Check shower connection points: Check for all the electric connections in the new unit and try to connect them according to the guide. 

Install the new one: Use masonry drills to install the new unit. This drill will not give you any chance to break the tiles. 

Check installation: Check neutral, live and earth wires 


Now you know almost everything about how you can get the Electric shower replacements done. But still, it is advised not to do the changes by yourself. Always call for the experts who can do the replacements for you so that you do not get any health hazards or even a small electric shock. 

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