PRINCE2 Practitioner Project Management

Today, there is a scarcity of project managers, especially PRINCE2 Practitioner qualified course attendees and thus there is a shortage of project selection. This situation is resulting in an ever increasing number of project failures. It will also results in project delays, financial losses and customers backtrack.

We can summarize project management by saying it is a corporate discipline that aims to harness the skills, passion and time to organize, direct and control projects. Certainty about priorities and the quality of your project is essential to success.

What does a specific project need/ require?

When managing any project it is critical to understand what the customers want to have and be to achieve. Look at your project from the customer perspective as well as what you need to achieve.

Your organization’s individual position on which you will externally organize your project context directly to the resources existing. It’s been the claim of viability of that project internal relationships within the organization such as suppliers and contractors. It will define the quality and quantity of resources accessible within the organization.

The high quality of your organization’s personnel resource hydraulic is a major performance factor. You need competent and quality workers for the tasks they accomplish. It is very common that the project manager isn’t always able to use all the available resources efficiently, in which case you will need to make plan changes and check the previous circumstances when your staff lack competence to carry out their responsibilities.

Key Element

A key element of project management is the task assignment of tasks. If the assignment of tasks to busy or disorganized workers then you will have to spend inordinate time on maintaining the objects/ tasks.

You can avoid your staff from task assignment by assigning tasks to competent and organized subordinates. Especially when your employees are knowledgeable to complete the assigned task, it can be very time consuming to make improvement and make often the decision of which task to accept.

Another key aspect of project management is the ownership of the task. All projects need a “master” and “members” without whom effective project management cannot take place. A team management requires that all projects will be manage by team members who are not in time same and one position controls the project.

Project Resources and Costs

It is the role of the project manager to analyze the project according to the needed quality, quantity and cost. Think about the people you have who can take charge and benefit is the role of the project manager. You can obtain the best resources if you know, need and manage the project effectively and cost efficiently. Just develop the capacity to influence and guide your team together

Think of project as a task and ask yourself

  1. What are the tasks involve for the project?
  2. What are the set up and sequence of the tasks?
  3. When are the tasks done?
  4. What are the Pay-offs for the project scope?

Project Costing

Project costs are made up of all the activities cost to complete the project. This cost includes people, materials, equipment, waste and time. They are usually express as a per activity cost. Using the example above, project costs are composed of cost of resources, cost of hazardous waste, cost of rent and advertisement and insurance, product setup and distribution, material handling, spare parts charges, performance tests, and believers’ wages.

Project Schedule

Project schedule is the tool you use to manage the allocation of people, their competencies to complete the projects. You can think about projects as resources. This is very effective especially when your work is not much involved in and it seeming not Expecting something to work out. When you used your time wisely. They are to manage the scope of the tasks and ensure that the following tasks are in progress.

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Project schedules are design either to group together activities or to do it in a unit basis. Usually starts venturing way before the project is finish. The schedule or deadline represents the time to complete the projects rate and estimate the possible length of time. A Project Schedule is the main identification tool for project scheduling.

Project Team management

The project managers usually have other roles, such as team leader, registrar, secretary, mentor, etc. The main goal is to coordinate the teams work to enable collaboration and buy-in along the way by establishing and maintaining the level of expectations. Every project has its own requirements. Therefore, the conceptual or master plan supports the teaming process as an effective method to determine and coordinate the team interactions.

Project work flow or discovery

Each project has its own common phase with sometimes the work is completed on simple data collation, latest news, an email meeting or record updates, perhaps document management, builds, auditing, etc.

Projects often interact productively leading to teaming opportunities to plan and coordinate. It would be more effectively control the work necessary to achieve a common goal or goal of useful concomitant objectives.

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