The Global Talent Visa is a UK immigration category primarily designed for promising individuals from Digital Technology, Science, Engineering, Humanities, Medicine, Fashion, The Arts, and Architecture wishing to work in the UK.

This Immigration category grants successful applicants to work in the UK for up to five years with least entry requirement for instance, language tests and minimum salary thresholds which are otherwise applicable on other UK immigration categories.

The concept of Global Talent came into effect from 20 February 2020 after replacing Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent). This immigration category is a simplified and expanded version of the predecessor. Unlike Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa, Global Talent Visa does not fall under the Point Based System (PBS).


Global Talent Visa Guidance states that the applicant must come under Global Talent Exceptional Talent Visa or Global Talent Exceptional Promise or UK Research and Innovation Endorsed Funder Option.

An applicant needs to be endorsed either as a leader (exceptional talent) or as an emerging leader (exceptional promise), or under the UK Research and Innovation endorsed funder option.

The applications are being assessed by endorsing bodies relevant to the qualifying field. The Endorsing bodies include The Royal Society (for Science and Medicine), The Royal Academy of Engineering (For Engineering), The British Academy (For Humanities), Global Talent Visa UK Tech Nation (For digital technology), Arts Council England (For Art and Culture), and UK Research and Innovation (UKRI for Research Applicants).

Arts council England will pass on the application to British Fashion Council (for fashion), Royal Institute of British Architects (for Architecture), and Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television (PACT, for Films and Television) if the applicant’s qualifying field is fashion, architecture, or film and Television.

Documents Needed

An applicant needs to provide a current passport and Tuberculosis Test from the home country. The applicant also needs to provide certified translation signed and dated by a professional person like solicitor in the form of passports, driving licenses, credit card statements (Buy Dumps), and letter from a hospital/doctors.

Application Process

The Application process involves two stages which include endorsement application (Stage 1) and Immigration Application (for Stage 2). Stage 1 involves sending the endorsement decision by the endorsing body to the Home Office. The applicant will be informed by the Home office regarding the outcome of the endorsement application.

Stage 2 involves immigration application where the applicant needs to send an endorsement letter. The Home Office will further assess immigration aspects, for instance, whether general grounds for refusal apply and if the correct documents are provided.

Fast Track/ Accelerated Route

Fast Track/ Accelerated Route is slightly relaxed yet expanded provision as compared to Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa. Applicants can take advantage of fast-track routes if possessing specific fellowship awards or other senior academic positions such as individual fellowships, senior appointments etc. with proven evidence of innovation
Processing Time

The Global Talent Visa Processing Time will take as much as 8 weeks. However, there are a few circumstances when an applicant can expect faster decision, for instance a peer-reviewed fellowship held by the applicant or employed in an approved UK Research Organisation.

Global Talent Visa Fees

An applicant has to pay separately for 2 stages. For Stage 1, an applicant must pay £456 in order to get an endorsement when applied for the first time followed by £152 for visa application. The applicant also needs to pay Healthcare Surcharge as a part of the application process.


Dependents (spouse/children under 18 years/ civil partner) can be included in the online application or switch to a Global Talent Visa.

Extension of Global Talent Visa

Global Talent Visa Extension can last from 1 to 5 years. The applicant can apply for the settlement once completed 3 years in the UK with an exceptional Talent Visa.

The Verdict

Global Talent Visa attracts the brightest talent with a new pathway to get the country’s most flexible visa ever.

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