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At BlackBud, we are looking out for some ardent finance writers or bloggers to create informative and engaging content. Are you interested in writing for us? We are happy to welcome you to our team. If you hold expertise in finance, write for us, we will be more than glad to hire a writer possessing skills in finance. 

Our Ranking Stats (Improves Continually):

  • Global Alexa Ranking: 198,562
  • USA Alexa Ranking: 24,639

We are providing opportunities for writers intending to showcase their writing skills through the internet and social media to the sizeable financial community. We are calling out for writers having expertise in personal finance and business finance to write for us. And if you don’t hold any experience, do thorough research before creating the content. 

What we look for:

  • The article should be unique, attractive, original, and should not have been published on any other website before.
  • Add references and proper link backs. 
  • Content should contain paragraphs, subheadings, informative images, and bullet points to make the content is ready to-be-read
  • Content must be plagiarism and grammatical error-free.
  • Content should be well searched and should contain tips that trigger action
  • Pictures must be alluring, with a size of 800*400
  • Writers should be passionate about empowering readers.

Every content should be formatted as below:

  • Title: It should be between 68-74 characters. 
  • Subtitles: It should be between 160 to 180 characters. 
  • Introduction: The word limit for this part is 170-200 words. 
  • Body: It should be covered within 900-1000 words comprising of bullet points and subheadings. 
  • Conclusion: It should be at least 100 words. 

Subjects We Cover:

Our finance blog seeks to keep the financial community abreast of information. Through our blogs, we aim to support people for achieving financial freedom. 

Topics covered:

  • Banking system
  • Bonds
  • Stock Market
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Personal finance
  • Corporate finance
  • International finance
  • Financial management
  • Financial crisis

Who we write for:

  • We aim to curate content that would apply to the novice and experts alike. So if you’re into a finance blog, write for us.
  • The content we curate aims towards being compelling and intact with information at the same time
  • Mainly our blog readers for finance are familiar with the field. However, we focus on providing our customers with a plethora of knowledge, which will help them in adapting the best of the practices. 

Ready to write? 

Are you one amongst the aspiring financial bloggers? If yes, we are more than happy to hire you. All we strive to achieve is uniqueness content. Even if you hold expertise in a particular section of finance, let’s say, in personal finance, write for us

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