Current Affairs in Gujarati

This is one of the most important topics as it gives an insight into what’s happening in world events and what knowledge our students must possess to be successful.

Based on the latest current affairs in Gujarati, exam papers, professional panel members have looked at this topic to identify the major trends and developments that have happened since last year’s exam papers.

We will discuss essential subjects for current affairs in Gujarati for UPSC Examination.

1. Foreign Affairs: International news articles, current affairs in Gujarati related to foreign nations, treaties, etc., which impact our country or our neighborhood lines.

International treaties signed recently and ratified recently are discussed here, along with their implications on our country’s economy and independence, etc. It also focuses on how international agreements can affect India’s national interests today and in the future.

2. Polity: It discusses the current happenings around us. Articles related to politics. Government formation, political parties and their leaders, ministers of central and state governments, etc.

Its discussions can be based on legislative actions at the center or in states or demonstrations, protests, sit-ins by activists / Intellectuals, or any other events where the ordinary person has been affected.

3. Diplomacy: It discusses foreign policies of our country as well as how foreign powers have been affecting our country in terms of affecting its security, trade, economy, etc., etc.

It also discusses visits made by essential people from foreign countries to India or vice-versa and their impact on India’s relations with their respective countries.

4. Environment and Ecology: It discusses the issues related to ecology and the environment. How have these things been affected by the artificial activities around us?

Industries and mining negatively impact forests, water availability, animal sources, birds, etc. Population explosion and how it might affect our country shortly is also discussed here.

5. Geography: It comes in two parts – Physical Geography and Human Geography. Physical geography is debating how climate has changed our country, how we can better manage and control its change—possible impacts on our livelihoods & lifestyle, and how it affects us regarding crops, resources, etc.

The second part mainly focuses on humans’ environmental impact (i.e., water scarcity, pollution, pollution by chemicals, etc.).

It also talks about deforestation, the impacts of mining events on plants and animals, etc.

6. Economics: This topic mainly focuses on how our country’s economy has developed over the last decade. Impact of the global financial crisis on our country’s economy and its macro-economic measures to deal with the issue.

How our industry has impacted other industries and why it might affect productivity in the future, as well as how we can come out of this problem within the next few years or so.

7. Demography:

It focuses primarily on population growth and its implications for medical care, infrastructure, jobs, etc. It also looks at how natural disasters have affected human lives in terms of impact on infrastructure, tourism, etc.

How can we manage traffic and its growth? How we can manage the problems.

8. Science & Technology:

It discusses the new technology invented or discovered lately which can be used as a boon to our country and its citizens.

New products found recently from specific natural sources are discussed here, like new energy discovered from the sun or different methods of generating power from various sources like ocean waves.

9. History: This discusses historical events in our country and how they impacted our national interests.

Important wars were fought during different periods of history, the impact of amendments in the Constitution, rural transformation, political events, etc.

10. Arts and Literature:

Articles related to poets and writers of various genres contributed significantly to Indian literature or the history of India.

Also, articles related to the art forms which are evolved or been discovered in the last few years. How they significantly impacted their respective culture and demography are also discussed here.

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