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Extrusion, drawing, forging, and rolling are the four primary processes of hot working used today. However, there are significant restrictions to the process, which is why it is the most widely used forming method. Rolling is divided into three primary sub-categories: flat rolling, form rolling (with specially designed roll grooves), and pipe rolling. 

Flat rolling is the most common type of rolling (including piercing). Forging may be divided into several subcategories, such as hammering, pressing, and so forth.

Various methods of forging are available, including hammer forging, mechanical presses and upsetters, and a technique known as roll forging. Pressing is a generic term that refers to the production of forged items in hydraulic presses. 

Extrusion is often conducted in hydraulic presses, which drive the hot steel through a die at high speeds. Rolling is carried out in a range of different types of rolling mills.

Performing metal forming at elevated temperatures (hot working) has two primary purposes: first, to reduce the forming loads by decreasing the resistance of the steel to deformation, and second, to develop preferred metallurgical structures that improve the strength and ductility of the finished products.

Material, size, form, application, standards, and other characteristics of a product will all be taken into account when determining the most appropriate manufacturing technique for that product.

When it comes to making butt weld fittings, there are several procedures to choose from, with several examples outlined below.

Elbows are formed using the mandrel process (also known as hot forming). You can find Buttweld fittings manufacturer in India

ELBOWS: Mandrel Technique of Elaboration (Hot Forming)

Pipe Elbows are manufactured using one of the most prevalent production technologies available today. After the raw material has been heated, it is forced over a die known as a “mandrel,” which allows the pipe to expand while also bending at the same time. It applies to a broad range of sizes.

Pipe joints with angles are used in industrial facilities and are normally produced by hot mandrel bending from raw material that is straight steel pipe. Pipe joints with angles are utilised in a variety of applications. Elbows of steel pipe joints are used in a wide range of applications, including pipeline construction.

Elbows are frequently formed at high temperatures by pressing, expanding, and bending pipes at the same time, all while utilising the inner tool of a mandrel as the primary tool for the operation. The properties of mandrel bending are significantly influenced by the combination of the mandrel’s shape and its diameter size.

A significant advantage of hot mandrel bending over other types of bending technology is the ability to make elbows with very small thickness variations and with shorter bending radiuses than any other form of bending technology.

Tees are manufactured by the extrusion technique (also known as hot forming). There are several buttweld fittings manufacturer in India

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