Custody is not an easy battle to win, especially against a mother. As per the law, the mother has all the rights on the kid and it is considered that children requires the support and love of a mother the most. This makes it difficult for a father to get custody of the kid and surround him with concern. It doesn’t mean that there is no chance to get custody of your child if you know about father’s rights.

Every year, approx. 5 million of family disputes come in front of the judge. However, only 14% of them are in favor of fathers whereas others are all for mother. The fact is that fathers have some rights that make it easy for them to have leverage over mothers. But the court can be biased with mothers that make them overlook those father rights.

There is no doubt that a divorce is an unfortunate event in itself but having a child is in the middle can be a bit daunting. Hence, it is best to be well aware of your rights as a father beforehand. Get advice from the top divorce attorneys in Florida to make sure that you can have the right to your kid.

To give you an insight, here are the top five rights that you must be aware of as a father which are similar for the father out of wedlock.

1) Medical Care – Medical screening of a mother is a vital aspect of any pregnancy. Hence, it is best to weigh down the options to get desirable results. The major drawback is that the mother can outweigh your claim in case of disagreement. The child health is considered as the individual right instead of compiled rights.

A biological father has the authority to go through the kid(s) reports or to know about it, only if they have legal documents showing that the relationship between child and father. This is not the same when it comes to the mother’s result. If a mother gives the consent only then the father can check the reports of the mother. This is the same for the mother, unwed parents or spouses can check the medical records only if their partner gives them consent or approval.

However, the kid(s) is the responsibility of a mother and father that gives the right to both of them to check the health report even if they are not together. However, the father must have legal recognition to show parental rights. There are several people that don’t know about father’s rights in terms of health conditions.

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2) Abortion – The father doesn’t have much right when it comes to abortion. Abortion is the decision that requires a mother’s consent more than a father. All of the medical decisions can be taken by a mother with no interference from the father. It is her right to privacy and personal choice that gives her authority to abort the child if she wishes for it. A marriage doesn’t give the right to a father to decide on abortion.

On top of that, she is not liable to inform about this decision to anyone. This is the mother’s medical secrecy and she has the right to maintain privacy. There are cases in which the decision of abortion is taken due to a mental, physical, or abusive relationship. This father doesn’t have any right to decide for the mother or the baby.

3) Custody Rights – When it comes to custody then it is essential to know that it is the same for married and unmarried couples. A biological father has the right on the child whether the kid(s) is from the wedding or out of wedlock. If the mother stays in a separate house then it is best to have a court petition to show the rights of custody.

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The main reason that often makes fathers lose the right on the kid(s) is the biased nature of the court. However, as per the top divorce attorneys in Florida, if the mother is not fit to have the responsibility of a child and if it is proved in the court, then it will be easy to have the custody of the child for a father. Other than this, joint custody is usually considered with the father allowed to visit and spend some time with the kid(s).

4) Child Support – The financial support is the responsibility of both the parents whether they have full, half, or no custody. It is vital for a father to know that they have to pay for the kid(s) allowance. If they don’t want to give the support then they must denounce the kid(s) have no paternity right. This will again indulge court to denounce the rights on the kid(s) in case there is an adoptive father included.

On relinquishing the rights, the father will not have any ties with the kid(s) concerning the decisions. The child support will depend upon the financial support availability, income, and child(ren) requirements. This support extends to educational, medical, and daycare charges as per the orders of the court.

5) Adoption – Another thing that the divorce lawyers in port st lucie fl make sure that a father must be aware of is adoption. If anyone of the partner decides to put the kid(s) up for adoption then it has to be a mutual decision. However, a paternity test is extremely vital to claim any rights on the kid(s). However, if marriage is already over or the kid(s) is out of wedlock then the right of the father on this decision will be limited. In case of objection, the father has to fill out a form and submit it in the start health and human resources or state court department.

If you are planning for the divorce then it is essential to keep these rights in mind. These are the well-established law that one must know about father’s right before diving into a custody case.

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