If yes, then it’s time to get yourself introduced to today’s technology-driven scenario and increasing mobile trends in the market…

Gone are those days when iPhone app developers were only hired by the leading brands. In this cut-throat competition, where everyone is striving hard to keep their brand name ahead in the market, it becomes important to integrate the latest technology to add a perfect competitive edge to your business. 

Furthermore, the significant growth of mobile applications has simply made the world go round today. Over the past decade, the Post-PC products have simply revolutionized the way businesses are investing in brand promotions and people access the applications. 

Let’s have a glance over some facts and figures that enable you to understand why a large number of businesses are interested to hire iOS app developers these days…


  • In the first quarter of 2019, these app users could choose to download between 2.6 million Android and 2.2 million iOS apps.
  • According to Statista, Apple’s App Store remained the second-largest app store with almost 1.96 million available apps.
  • According to App Annie, the gross revenue of the mobile market will exceed $101 billion globally by 2020. It is double that of the $51 billion in 2016.
  • While Android applications lead the market but the iOS app development market with 2 million Apps available in the app store is still holds the second position among app users.
  • The number of Apps available in the iOS App Store is around 2.2 in May 2019.


Survey tells that more than 68% of popular across the world are iPhone users, though the iOS applications are also increasing at the same pitch. You might have heard the phrase, “There’s An Application For That”, and these applications serve the objectives of every business purpose now. 

In this technology-driven world, 81% of mobile users generally go online before making any purchase or 26% of them download the application to browse detailed options. If you are lucky enough and having an online presence(website) and even an app, then you will leave a perfect impression on the targeted audience. 

Now many of the small businesses are wondering why your small business does need a mobile app to sell products and services? Are you also thinking the same? Yes? Hey! Hold on! 

That might have been true in the past! To be in a competition and a future-ready, you need to walk a step ahead and develop a mobile app for your business. 

Again, you must be wondering why to hire iOS developer for your business promotions?

Fret Not! This blog has listed a few valid reasons why you should hire iPhone App Developer for your business branding…!

#Higher Customer Satisfaction

iPhones always ensure a better user experience than Android. That’s why iOS Apps are the first-rate choice for many businesses. While Apple has excellent customer support but it’s best hardware and software made it a superior brand in consumer electronics. 

Also, an iOS applications work smoothly and swiftly on iPhones, users always have a great experience while accessing the iPhone app. 

#Increase Brand Visibility

According to a survey, Americans spend around 2 hours a day on their smartphones and only a handful of applications are leveraging the total usage. Having your business application will not only ensure business but also increase brand visibility on the mobile phone. 

It’s a scientific fact: Our brain unconsciously records everything from image to text that we go through” and in the same way you can have your business mobile application be the part of this scrolling. 

The most successful trick to increase customer engagement, you can even add a promotional offer within your app that will ultimately boost your business leads as well. 

#Simple and Effective Testing

iPhone is an attractive device specifically designed for the tech-savvy audiences and commonly known for its annual updations. Apple releases only one update of its existing application in a year, though the company has a very limited range of devices to test for application as compared to Android. With well-developed applications and attractive UI, any business can easily attract new customers. The iOS developers only need to meet the parameters of the prevalent iOS version, thus minimize the testing time and able to launch the product in a real-time. 

#Ensure High Security

Data security is the top most priority of every business whether they are newcomers on the landscape or dominating the large section of the land.

Every business aims to hire iOS app developer with the hope to build an app that has unique features and ensures a high level of security to its users. And iPhone users are always safe from an outside attack as iOS presents a robust screen, free from viruses and malware and making it an ideal choice for application development in the business. 

#Build Strong Relationships

Do you know, mobile devices create a personal connection between businesses and consumers.

When a business goes mobile, your consumers can download your app and carry you along with them all the time. By promoting your brand with an iPhone application, you can differentiate yourself from competitors while offering another platform to communicate with your customers. 

#Global Exposure

Have you ever imagined that with just a mobile app, you can reach the audience globally?

While iPhone users are available worldwide, developing an iOS application is completely a worthwhile decision. so , you need to hire Mobile App Developer to build an iPhone app that not only suits your business but also establish a global presence of your business. Thus, these apps offer you an opportunity to stay ahead of the competition and enhance the profit margins of your business. 

#Filtered Audience 

The popularity of the iPhone across the world requires no introduction. What businesses have to realize is that only a small slice of tech-savvy audiences use an iPhone. In this scenario, you have got a chance to introduce an Application that the audience is right here to buy the products you are planning to implement or develop. 

Final words

With the shrinking boundaries of the market, it becomes complicated to take your business to the next level without hiring the mobile app developer. The right choice of the developer can understand your business objectives and develop products that can maximize the opportunities to ensure maximum ROI on your investment.

There are several app development companies available in the market such as Xicom Technologies that enable you to hire iOS App developers that offer you customized app development solutions. 

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