Emergency vehicle operations have always been dangerous. This is due to pressures to improve response times, congested roads, technologies in the vehicle that can distract drivers, and other internal and external factors. In this comprehensive article, we will be explaining some of the different things you can do to make your emergency vehicle safe.

As emergency personnel, you need to understand that responding with emergency lights and siren does not mean that you can drive without due regard to safety. It only means that you are requesting the right-of-way from other drivers. However, you do not have the right-of-way until the other drivers are aware of your presence.

Even at that, you also need to drive defensively to manoeuvre easily if other drivers do something you do not expect. It is also essential that you heed all driving precautions. Every emergency personnel must be seated and must put on their seatbelts when the emergency vehicle is in motion.

Servicing and Installing Essential Equipment for Your Emergency Vehicle

As important as it is for emergency personnel to adhere to safety rules and ensure that they do not drive irresponsibly, you also need to make sure that your emergency vehicle is working effectively to improve safety. You should install proper flashing beacons and sirens. You can buy green flashing beacons online at affordable rates. Additionally, you should service our emergency vehicle regularly.

By doing preventive maintenance service and repairs on your emergency vehicle, you can reduce the risks of accidents occurring due to a malfunction. You should perform daily inspections of your emergency vehicle such as checking the headlights, fuel level, clearance lights, and the overall interior and exterior of the vehicle.

Adhere to Necessary Rules

Driving an emergency vehicle does not mean that you can break traffic light rules. You must come to a complete stop when a traffic light turns red as well as at blind intersections or stop signs. In addition to that, you must also ensure that you follow the guidelines that have been set concerning the speed limits.

  • Do not break traffic light rules
  • Avoid speeding and stick to the set limits
  • Avoid distractions while driving

To make your emergency vehicle safe, it is also important that the operator does not read, write, or send any text while driving. This way, he can be focused on the road and drive with caution. In situations where more than one emergency vehicle is responding to an emergency, you need to use extra caution as other drivers may not be aware of this.

As emergency personnel, it is also essential that you keep yourself updated regarding your department policies on emergency driving. Apart from that, emergency departments also need to regularly train their personnel and host awareness programs to sensitize the public on the importance of safe driving and paving the way for emergency drivers.

Throughout this guide, we have explained some of the things you can do to make your emergency vehicle safe. As an emergency personnel, remember always to observe necessary driving rules and avoid speeding. Aside from that, you should be aware of your department policies and make sure that your emergency vehicle is functioning properly before putting it on the road.

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