You’re most likely reading this because either you or someone you care about has been in a car accident that wasn’t their fault and you want compensation for it. Rightfully so. This might not cover the physical and emotional pain that you’re going through, but it will most surely take off some of the financial burdens.

To help you get through this difficult situation, here are a few of our top tips on finding a car accident attorney that’s right for you and will get you the compensation you deserve.

Find a Specialist

When we talk about car accident attorneys, we’re talking about experienced attorneys in serious injury claims, personal injury claims, and road traffic accident claims. It’s crucial that you find a law firm specializing in one or all of these areas, depending on what kind of accident you were in and what injuries are in question. A specialist will know what you’re going through, how best to approach the situation, and how to fight for you in court. Our top recommendation is Optimal Solicitors who will be able to help you with either of these claims and who’ve had extensive experience with all of them.

Make Sure They’re Reputable

It’s not enough to just see they specialise in a certain area. They have to have a good reputation and a lot of experience. Look into their success rates and reviews online, or for references. Or even better – ask the law firm directly how they handle such cases. How many cases such as yours have they won in the past (compared to losses)? Which attorneys will be assigned to you and will they actually be involved in your case or will they just delegate to junior associates? How do they communicate with clients? This brings us to our next point.

Pay Attention to Their Communication

A good attorney, especially one dealing with sensitive cases, will know how to communicate clearly, openly, and compassionately. They will clearly and unambiguously state their fees, values, and processes. You will generally feel comfortable asking them questions and will get direct answers. Also, you will be able to reach them when you need them via email, phone, or in person. All of this will assure you that they truly are involved in your case and see you as a person first and foremost.

They Offer a “No Win, No Fee” Agreement

With these types of claims, your attorney shows they have your best interest in mind. They essentially take out an insurance policy for you to cover any costs (e.g. court fees, medical expenses and the like) even before they start your case. This means no hidden fees for you. In a “no win, no fee” agreement, your attorney doesn’t charge you even if your claim ends up being unsuccessful. This shows they’re professional and compassionate.

Essentially, trust your gut and make sure the legal firm you’re looking into has your best interest in mind and is experienced. If you’re not sure where to turn to and are based in the UK (especially in/around Manchester), we can’t recommend Optimal Solicitors enough. They fit all our criteria.

With this, we can only wish you the best of luck with your case, a speedy recovery, and hope you get the compensation you deserve.

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