There are many aspiring jobs in abundance in Singapore, a small but progressive nation well renown world-wide. From the era of a low waged worker like a labourer in the 1990s to a fairly revised waged earner of an equivalent to a white-worker in Singapore.

To reinstate that statement is to say that in lay men words that a labourer can earn as high an income as an CEO of a competitive big company. However, there are prices to pay  in return to receive these highly paid jobs. Many start their own companies and become their sole ownership of their time.

Many resort to online businesses so that one can manage his or her own time in their family lives. Many young couples are giving the best above all to their young toddlers and children to benefit in the advancement of the Singapore Education System.


In Singapore as early as in the 1970s, parents are starting to look for tuition teachers to help their children to cope with their daily studies, homework and do extra assessment books exercises to improve the grades of their children as a necessity.

Now in today’s context, tuition teachers both face to face and in- house centre learning environment must be a number one priority included in their household expenses. Even online tutoring is the latest fame of the years during the hit of the Pandemic of  Covid 19 in year 2020.

Many school leavers resort to full-time or part-time tutoring as a source of income to supplement their expenses. In Singapore the standards of living have risen high to enable tutors to earn competitive income. Many register themselves with tuition agencies and tutorial centres for the hope of earning a four-figure income in the shortened time taken in work.


First and fore-most tutors must have a good academic result so that their teaching of concepts will be understood by students.The tutors must have the experience to capture the learning problems faced by the students. Some are slow learners while others are having tuition lesson to make them first in class. The Champion of the lot

To be a good tutor one needs to possess the quality of punctuality, responsibility, helpfulness, professionalism, zeaousnessl, ferventness. passion to teach, ability to switch to the level of a child learners mind and must be compassionate. A good tutor must regardless of a mannerism of the behavior of the students, resort to using verbal abuse or even physical abuse as an excuse,. Self-control is a sorted criteria in respect to the professionalism or being a good tutor.


CHAMPION TUTORS is the striking answer for parents to engage their tutors as their tutors are full of responsibility, educating the students not forgetting the many excellent academic records the students benefit from Champion Tutors! To be a good tutor oneself has to be kind, sincere, understanding and patient, A good tutor has to know his or her limitations in trying to covey knowledge to their students.

A good tutor needs to report at least fifteen minutes earlier to give the parents a good impression of the tutor is a responsible tutor. He or she must not calculate the extra mile put in in terms or time issues. If the parents require feedback on a particular day of the performance of the student’s progress in his tuition work, a good tutor must not refrain from being ignorant and arrogant in his or her attitude. He or she must give extra ten minutes or so to feed back on the tuition progress that has just taken place. 

If a parent is unable to be present, a good tutor must keep a record book to indicate the student’s progress and to assign homework to the students, All homework which the tutor assigned during the previous lesson must be marked correctly and be explained explicitly and clearly to the student. The student must acknowledge that he or she understands the mistakes he or she has made.

Due to the ten weeks per one term the time is rushing for the student to learn new chapters and to do the practices needlessly to mention the hustle and bustle of going through al  the relevant topics to be covered for the term tests or examinations. A good tutor must know how to differentiate the importance of learning formulae and the tested  topics as tuition time is limited to only an hour and a half or at most two hours at one go.

All good tutors found here have the capabilities to perform all the said qualities. As often a parent said quality time is well spent then quantity time spent. Parents are sacrificial enough upon engaging a good tutor to forego their best to pay to tutors as lucrative earnings. As a good tutor, one must not look at the pay check in order to focus on the students progress appropriately. A good tutor must know that many parents earn their money in a hard earning money society so a good tutor must be dedicated to commit himself or herself to make sure that the improvement of the students results are good.

A good tutor must not discriminate the race and gender of the student especially there are lingered with them tinges of illnesses for an affluent society like Singapore, many problems do arise. A good tutor must be willing to start from scratch to learn in a proper and even a hard way to gain the trust of the parents in entrusting their precious only son or daughter into the hand of a stranger to educate them.

Many often-said parents lament that they are qualified to teach their children on their own but their children fail to be responsive or even misconduct themselves. That is why solely tutors are thence needed to implement a systematic way and method in highlighting all the important facts to their students, The tutors must even try to acquire extra skills to handle such hyper active students nor talented young ones.

In the long run the tutor will receive the respect of the student and from the student’s families which is a satisfying reward to every tutor. There are many categories of students so a good tutor must not jump into conclusions that a student is a as such and such as of this or that category. 

The tutor must favour the students by telling the students that they are good students with  bright future ahead waiting for them each lesson in order to encourage them to perform even better in their school curriculum. Nonetheless when they have made  the slightest improvement and  a good tutor must never fail to compliment them by words of praises. All students delight the favour from their tutors so the students will look forward to each fore coming  lessons

If a student feels stifled in struggling a particular subject, a good tutor must have the adaptability to change one’s way of teaching, The Champion Tutors  have the ability to transform the students track record!



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