A career as a music therapist is way more satisfying and exciting than other professions. Have you ever come across the term ‘music heals’ even once in your life? If yes, you might be knowing the worth of a music therapist in the lives of people suffering from depression. Unfortunately, we often underestimate the healing power of music. But the fact is that music acts as a therapy in the healing process of several mental disorders. In fact, music therapy is vital in diminishing pain, helps individuals pull through depression and provides better control over emotions. For all the aspiring music therapists, the London school of music is the perfect launchpad for a successful career in the area.

Prior to guiding musicophiles through the application process of a music course, we will familiarise you with the healing power of music.

Power of music in healing mental disabilities

The language of music is universal. Music allows us to connect to our souls. We love listening to music in our every mood, be it sad, happy, depressed or annoyed. Involuntarily, we allow ourselves to relate to the lyrics of a particular song. Isn’t it? We cannot deny the fact that music has a profound impact on us in cheering up our mood and bringing joy to our lives. Unknowingly, we begin to feel good after listening to music.

Similarly, there is also therapeutic use of music in treating patients with mental discomfort. Music therapy helps improve the recovery of patients, reduce stress or depression symptoms and healing patients faster. The treatment is a guaranteed solution to physical, emotional and behavioural problems.

To add meaning to life and permanent solution to temporary problems, individuals consult trained practitioners with in-depth knowledge in the area. These trained practitioners are commonly known as music therapists- an expert who assess and analyse mental health and physical disorders of patients in question. Now, you must be wondering how to become a music therapist.

How to become a music therapist?

Reputed music schools in London offer a course in music with scholarship programmes. Aspiring music therapists can sign up for the music therapy programme to kickstart their journey in the field of music as an expert. After completing the four-year bachelor’s in music therapy course, students are required to qualify for the national certification examination to practice as a certified music therapist. You may need state licensure to become a music therapist. Individuals can apply for employment in the field after acquiring a license.

Besides this, music therapy courses in London music schools equip individuals with a deep understanding of music. With in-depth knowledge in the music field, individuals can seek employment in other areas like music producer, entrepreneur, or artist.

In a nutshell, it takes five years to become a music therapist- four years to complete the graduation programme and one year to qualify for the national certification examination to become an expert with a license in the area. So, hurry up and apply to the programme right away!

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