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Bipolar disorder is a well-known mental illness that many undiagnosed individuals fails to understand. Although pharmaceutical medications and psychotherapy are the primary treatments for this disease, scientists are developing more and more research to assess the effects of cannabis on different types of bipolar disorders.

What is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder manifests itself in four variants, but all types share specific characteristics. Also formerly known as manic-depressive psychosis, this disease’s essential pillar revolves around episodes of unusual energy and ecstasy, known as manias.

Instead, a very low mood, fatigue, and despair are signs of another symptom: depressive episodes.

Four Types

  • The different modalities are as follows: Type I bipolar disorder is what some mistakenly consider to be the only form of this disorder. This type is characterized by sustained periods of mania that last more than a week. Patients diagnosed with a class I disorder also experience depressive episodes, resulting in radical changes in mood from one day to the next. Bipolar I disorder can be very limiting to a person’s daily routine, and in some cases, requires hospitalization of the patient.
  • Long episodes of depression predominantly characterize type II. Although patients of this modality can suffer occasional obsessive attacks, its course is based mainly on discouragement, lack of energy, and limited functional capacity.
  • Cyclothymia is the third category of bipolar disorders and affects the subject less clearly than the other two. This type manifests itself in sustained periods of hypomania and depressive behaviors that do not necessarily reach the level of mania or depression.
  • The fourth and last type of bipolar disorder encompasses all the previous and yet identified variants of this disease when diagnosed by medical professionals.

How Does Cannabis Use Affect?

As cannabis gains acceptance as a beneficial therapeutic supplement, it makes sense for researchers and clinicians to assess how cannabinoids interact with bipolar disorder, for better or for worse.

In psychological disorders, cannabis has been endorsed and disapproved in different studies for being considered both beneficial and harmful. This is mainly due to the illicit nature of the substance and its historical connotations that denied any medicinal value.

Some First Discoveries

There have been some preliminary studies on cannabis and bipolar disorder, most of which were developed with relatively small patient samples. A recent study carried out by the University of Lancaster (UK) followed 24 bipolar disorder patients who used cannabis at least 3 times a week.

The study was carried out using the experience sampling method (MME), in which the participants recorded their impressions in a diary for six days. Each analyzed how marijuana affected their manic or depressive episodes.

In the end, the findings of this study were somewhat inconsistent. The researchers concluded that although some participants’ manic and depressive symptoms increased with cannabis use, most enjoyed its positive effects and were more likely to use it for recreational rather than therapeutic purposes.

This study’s apparent problems were the sample size and the lack of face-to-face monitoring, which made it difficult to transfer these trends to larger groups.

THC Versus CBD

Researchers should consider the differences between each method of use when conducting studies of cannabis use for the treatment of bipolar disorders. Depending on cannabis consumption, study results may be skewed by consistency errors between each research project.

For example, bipolar patients who smoke cannabis concentrates with too high THC content are more likely to experience more negative responses about their mood than those who smoke flowers of CBD-rich varieties. You can buy cbd oil pills online.

This is because THC has been shown to induce anxiety and acute paranoia in some users, while CBD effectively mitigates the negative effects of psychotropic symptoms and user can buy cbd oil pills online.

It is also essential to assess the type of variety consumed, sativa, indica or hybrid. Each will produce different effects on an individual and general level. The lack of specific studies according to the different methods of cannabis use complicates the comparison between different samples.

Does Marijuana Cause Bipolar Disorders?

Although it has been found that cannabis can reproduce the symptoms of some psychiatric disorders temporarily, there is no evidence to suggest buy cbd oil pills online that its use causes mental illness.

In bipolar patients, the effects of marijuana depend on the type of disorder, as well as the consumption habits, the physical condition of the patient and other important factors.

Researchers advocating that cannabis are beneficial for treating bipolar disorders focus on the effects of cannabinoids on the human endocannabinoid system when you buy cbd oil pills online and use cannabis.

Cannabinoids such as THC bind to endocannabinoid receptors like CB1 and CB2 in different parts of the body and produce mood-stabilizing effects.

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