Heart Healthy Fish Recipes

Fish are full of protein and fats. If cooked properly it can be healthy for hearts, here are few recipes that you can try:

1) Bulgur Bowls, Tomato Shrimp: 

The frozen shrimp with fibre rich bulgur at the centre can be reason for healthy heart fish dinner. It is a budget friendly and yet brag worthy deal. While the bulgur boils then saute the shrimp. After that garnish with juicy tomatoes, crunchy pine nuts and salty parmesan cheese.

2) Fried Catfish and Green Beans: 

 The air fried catfish recipe strips before coating with panko mix and it can served and shared with family.

3) Cilantro Shrimp Tacos: 

Here chips and guac join force to make heart healthy fish recipes. Here grilled shrimp tacos with rainbow colored healthy fish taco recipes. You can get a portion of shrimp marinade to play double duty with dressing of crispy cabbage and carrot slaw. It is easy and quick to cook and it is under 300 calories.

4) Tuna Salad: 

All tuna salad are not loaded with mayo. Fresh twist on nicoise salad has 10 grams of carbs per serving because potatoes are not used. It is a low calorie fish recipe and it is favourite use for canned tuna. You can use the same base with salmon.

5) Cinnamon Blackened Salmon with Lentils:  

It is heart healthy fish recipe made with anti-inflammatory ingredients like cinnamon, walnut and broccoli. Hearty lentils round out in one dish.

6) Broiled Sword Fish With Tomato Sauce: 

Instead of grabbing jar of marinara, roast pan full of tomatoes, onion and blend your own fresh swordfish sauce. It is couple of table spoon of heavy cream bestowed with spreadable texture. Spoon it with rich meaty low calorie fish recipe. The left over are spread with crostini and pasta sauce.

7) Seared Scallops With Baby Spinach:

It is easy for weeknights. This fish meals gets ready in 30 minutes. You can drizzle with cinnamon spiced pomegranate glaze over wilted with spinach and with tender juicy scallops. The sprinkle is pomegranate rails which gives 214 calorie entrée with bit of crunch and burst of freshness in every bite.

8) Salmon Recipe: 

It is heavy on flavour and light on added fat. The baking protein is one of the cooking strategies. The packet keeps all aromatic citrus, herb with garlic goodness closed by salmon.

9) Gold Turmeric Fish: 

The healthy fish dinner is versatile. It is feel free to trade with seabass, halibut, tilapia and other varieties of white fish fillets.

10) Smoked Salmon and Chard Flatbread: 

Smoked salmon makes tasty pizza topping if combined with soft cheese sauted with swiss chard and some balsamic glaze. You can pair the healthy dinner recipes with fruit salad to hit all five groups in one dinner.

Fish are rich in healthy fats. In this method you get heart healthy superpowers from meaty white fish pieces. The low calorie fish recipes includes herb and tomato laced white wine olive oil poaching broth which offers delicious dose of Mediterranean diet benefits.

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