There are few gifts as wondrous as the gift of music. Some people are born with a natural flair for making music, while others need to practice a bit harder to exhibit similar skills. However, the great news is that pretty much everybody can learn how to play a musical instrument of their choice if they set their mind to it! If you would like to accomplish this goal, here is a helpful guide to follow.

Select your instrument

If possible, it helps to try your hand at a few different musical instruments before deciding which one is right for you. You might opt to rent an instrument for a few days or get in touch with a friend who you know plays the guitar, cello, or piano and ask them to give you an introductory lesson. Alternatively, enrol in lessons with a professional who does not require that you bring your own instrument along.

It is important to be rather certain of which instrument you would like to learn to play because they are known to be quite expensive to buy new (or even second-hand).

Buy your instrument

While it can be costly, purchasing an instrument of your own is a must if you are serious about developing your skills. Without one, you won’t be able to practice nearly as much as you should in order to see a noticeable improvement.

Do your research before buying to ensure that you purchase from a reputable supplier. It pays to find one that specialises in the specific instrument that you have chosen to learn, such as Courtney Pianos, for beautiful pianos in a wide variety of prices to fit in with your finances.

Enrol in lessons

As mentioned above, some music teachers provide access to musical instruments for beginners. However, many do not. Luckily, once you have invested in your own instrument, you shouldn’t have any issues finding a great teacher to help you achieve your goal of blossoming into a true virtuoso!

You might find that music lessons are rather expensive, particularly when you realise that you will have to invest in them on an ongoing basis. You can’t learn to play an instrument overnight, after all. Don’t worry if you cannot fit these lessons into your budget right now. The reality is that a number of the world’s best-loved musicians are largely self-taught. So, grab a book that details the basics or browse the web for some tutorial videos and get started.

Set goals

It is easy to get side-tracked when learning to play an instrument. This is why it is vital to set both short-term and long-term goals for yourself. Doing so will inspire you to stick to your practice schedule and will motivate you to keep at it even when you are busy, overwhelmed, or feeling discouraged. It can also help to learn alongside a friend so that you can both keep one another focused and in good spirits.

Dedication is key to fulfilling your dream of earning the gift of music. Practice hard enough, and there won’t be anything standing in your way!

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