One of the Nobel Prize-winning materials of the early 21st century is the isolation and discovery of graphene, among the lightest and most robust forms of carbon. Graphene is a single sheet of carbon in a hexagonal lattice, significantly changing its properties compared to the more common graphite and diamond. Graphene has enormous potential in the energetics and electronics industries, but the public rarely gets to observe its properties directly.

However, that’s likely to change as new fashion brands are looking into graphene as one of the best materials to inject into existing fabrics. For example, the GAMMA jacket uses graphene-infused nylon to extend the lifetime of the apparel beyond what was thought possible and provide superb heat conductivity.

This heated jacket adapts to the user’s environment. It will remove excess heat and moisture for the wearer in sunny weather. The graphene blend’s high UV protection ensures that the jacket picks up very little ambient heat and keeps the wearer cool in harsher climates. Additionally, since the jacket is completely invulnerable to air and dust intrusion, it’s an excellent windbreaker-style jacket and one of the best rain jacket models coming to the market.

This is excellent news for anyone who prefers spending a significant chunk of their time outdoors. The jacket weighs only about a pound, allowing the user to store it seamlessly in their travel bag or backpack or, if they prefer, put it on between airport rides for a dash of warmth and comfort.

Graphene’s high thermal conductivity comes into effect during the colder bouts. The jacket’s fabric distributes the wearer’s body heat, relying on a layer of air insulation to keep the user warm in chilly weather. For below-freezing temperatures, this might not be enough to keep users warm, an area where most other thin jacket manufacturers struggle to compete. The GAMMA jacket combines one of the most innovative solutions by incorporating a heater system into the jacket. The heaters use graphene fibers to distribute the heat around the body evenly. They can be powered by any external battery bank via a USB port inside an inner pocket and exclude any live wiring. The three heaters can get to a toasty 60 degrees Celsius in minutes and keep that temperature going for hours, depending on the battery. This makes it perfect for one-day trips across winter wonderlands without fear of getting cold feet. Considering the jacket only weighs a pound or so, you can also more easily layer up, which is bolstered by the designer’s generous sizing.

Although you can wash the jacket in the machine, you might not even need to in the first place. The nylon-graphene blend is extremely resistant to spills and dirt. It will stay odor-free for longer and can be kept clean with minimal maintenance, if any.

Adding to the longevity is the fact that the jacket can survive scrapes, nicks, and even knife cuts without a scratch. This makes it especially sturdy for harsher terrain and an excellent choice for backpackers and adventurers who need light jackets to get some weight off their backs.

The jacket’s functionality as an external piece is further extended by its high collar and deep hood, protecting the user from high winds and rains. The added fingerless gloves can also help with grip and hand temperature control in a pinch, and the Velcro cuffs prevent more heat loss in colder conditions. Overall, the jacket is designed to be worn in moderately cold weather with minimal layering and without turning on the heaters. For more extreme conditions, the heaters will do the trick just fine when coupled with the hood and a pair of gloves.

If you spend a lot of time commuting or traveling in urban areas, the jacket can also render the need to carry a small bag obsolete. With as many as 10 pockets strategically placed for optimal carrying capacity, the GAMMA has the space for every gadget or document you will need in the city or overseas. External pockets are all zippered with water-resistant seals, protecting the valuables inside from rainwater.

One of the best parts about the jacket is definitely how easy it is to wear and pair with an existing outfit. The GAMMA has a minimalist appearance and is almost entirely black. This neutral tone allows the wearer to match the jacket with various shirts, pants, and shoes to get a sort of stylish look that will never get old. Since the jacket is designed to last longer than most traditional apparel, its look will work with upcoming trends and the futuristic clothing movement increasingly popular in recent years.

As a prime example of techwear, one of the newest fads in the clothing industry, the GAMMA jacket is a perfect companion for other sturdy apparel items like pants and shoes. Graphene is showing its best side in clothing. Since the production capacity for the material is reaching economies of scale, techwear enthusiasts can expect more graphene-based apparel to hit the market in upcoming years. Brands like Wear Graphene have been using extremely successful crowdfunding campaigns to leverage their success and position themselves as innovators to watch after delivering on their promise of better clothing.

With so much potential and extremely favorable specs, the GAMMA jacket is a clothing item fit for every wardrobe. Whether you prefer the city or spend more time in the wilderness, the graphene-infused fabric should adapt to the environment and deliver a seamless wearing experience every time.

As the multifunctional outerwear industry expands, brands must innovate to keep up with the demand and carve out their piece of the market pie. Techwear innovators like Wear Graphene have shown that it’s possible to launch products off crowdfunding campaigns and keep the momentum going. Perhaps it goes without saying that we can look forward to greater things from these new designers. For now, if you want to find out more information about the GAMMA jacket and its creators, visit

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