Almost every startup faces an issue about the type of image they create in front of their clients, consumers and investors. Moreover, being in the initial phase of a startup, every business is vulnerable in terms of capital and expenses. 

Combating such numerous challenges, a virtual office address can bring the desired flexibility and growth in your startup. 

What is a Virtual Office Address?

Virtual office address is a modern rental mailbox that can be used in the place of a physical address but without the overhead of rent, lease or other administrative expenses.

Virtual mailbox brings convenience and flexibility into business functioning where the employees can work remotely yet enjoy the ambience of a commercial office setup with digital conferencing, phone calls, fax and mail forwarding services. 

How Does Virtual Office Address Work?

The virtual office concept might be entirely new to many business owners, even startups because it uses almost every type of modern and technological gadgets to operate efficiently. 

  • Numerous companies offer virtual office address services. You need to sign up with the necessary credentials and get your mailbox number. This mailbox can be used to receive and forward physical mail without the legal obligation to spend on actual commercial office space.  
  • This virtual mailbox can be used to comfortably world and at anytime, without any shipping restrictions or spending significant shipping expenses.  

virtual office address

Why You Need Virtual Office Address for Your Startup?

  • Professional Image:

Virtual office address is usually located at a prestigious area which can be used as a physical address to register your business, your permanent address in the bank, a primary mail receiving address and more. A prestigious commercial address itself proclaims your business reputation and worth among your clients, customers and investors. 

  • Privacy and Security:

Many startups operate from their home. Registering their home address as their business address risks their privacy and security drastically. A virtual office address perpetually separates your personal and professional address to protect your safety and confidentiality. 

  • Imparts Flexibility:

Gives a flexible work environment where employees get the leverage to work from their home which saves a lot of commute time, energy and brings comfort. Thus, helping them maintain their work-life balance, employees are more productive and enthusiastic about their work, which is important for a startup to grow rapidly. 

Now when we are aware of the benefits of a virtual mailbox, here are five ways of getting one for your current startup:

  1. Virtual Mailbox Services:

Practically, the best choice for all startups. Virtual mailbox services offer a personal mailbox number where you will receive and forward all your professional mails.

Once you receive a mail, you would be notified. Then you ask the service provider to scan the envelop or shipping label and upload the image on the digital mailbox. You can then open, forward, discard or archive the mail accordingly. 

2. Private Mailbox Stores:

Private mailbox store is a mailbox offered by a retail store or plaza linked to the store address. The UPS stores, Post Net, Post Annex or any similar mailbox rental company.  

It is best suited for looking for a mailbox that is located nearby and you wish to access it personally.

3. Virtual Office/ Business Centre:

If you have your startup establishment based at your own home, Virtual office and business centre can be your foremost priority. Business centre provides workplace solutions without the additional expenses of furnishing or setting up commercial space. 

Renting a business centre will make your startup look larger with lobby space, reception area, supporting staff, conference room, equipped telecommunication services like video conferencing and fax services, commercial mailing address, meeting rooms and many other facilities just like any million dollar business establishment. 

4. Commercial Office:

Commercial offices are those spaces that are vacant inside another commercial building like shopping mall, retails plazas, commercial buildings and premises. According to your startup budget you can rent or purchase a commercial space to make it your workplace. 

Commercial office can be an expensive deal. But it provides a lot of exposure and helps create a lasting image of you in front of your clients, staffs and investors.

5.           Co-working Spaces:   

If you have started a business with low capital then co-working space is what you need to showcase your commercial workplace. Co-working space is an office that is shared among other entrepreneur

Best choice for freelancers, startup owners and digital nomads, co-working space provides a professional mailing address and introduces better scalability, accessibility, collaboration and a cost-effective option. 

A virtual office address has become a primary requisite for all startups to grow and face the operational challenges easily and more efficiently. 

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