There are a few items which every cat owner should carry with themself. Cats need relatively little maintenance; however, some things are essential to have if you want your cat to be healthy, happy, and safe.


The first and foremost thing a cat owner should feel concerned about is food. When your cat is in its kitten stage, you must feed it food, designed specifically for kittens. Their digestive systems need time to get fully matured. Thus, they can’t handle adult cat food.

As your kitten gets older, you can shift to adult food formula. Also, when your cat reaches its later years you have to switch to foods specifically made for elderly felines. Similarly, avoid feeding your cat milk, daily. While milk is one of the cats’ favorite treats, it can cause them urinary problems. Besides, don’t feed them exclusively with people and scraps food.

Cat food provides complete nutrition and offering your cat something else might deprive them of essential nutrients.

Pet Bowl

You will need water and food dishes for your cat, no matter what. Any bowl from any of the top pet bowl manufacturers will work as long as you keep them clean. You may wish to invest in a mat to keep it underneath the bowl to help contain messes and spills.

Cat Litter

Cat litter is an important and necessary product for cat owners. Cat litter has evolved massively in recent years. Now the popular brands are designed to clump to make removal easier and contain annoying odors better.

A cat litter tray is an important cat accessory. You can give training to your cat to go to the bathroom. Even cats get accustomed to litter boxes offered by top cat litter manufacturers. Through litter boxes, cats do this on their own. However, if your cat stays indoors then you require investing in a litter tray.

Cat litters come in all sizes and shapes. Some have hoods that give your cat privacy and protect you from seeing them going about their business. Besides, these litter hoods help odors to spread everywhere. There are some automated litter trays as well that scoop the litter for you.

Scratching Posts

A scratching post is a good idea if you don’t desire your cat to tear up your davenport. Cats are bound to scratch to stretch out and maintain their claws in decent shape. Scratching posts are made typically from rope or carpeting.

If you keep a larger cat, you’ll need to ensure that the scratching post is large enough. There are pads made from corrugated cardboard instilled with cat litter that no normal cat can ignore. These forms are replaced whenever the cat tears them apart, which they will! These posts are cheap and available at and your pet stores and local supercenters.

Miscellaneous Cat Accessories


Cat toys are also come in handy to keep your cat occupied. Favorite cat’s toys normally have catnip inside.

Flea Control

Flea control is necessary; especially if you get an outdoor cat. Collars are effective; however, make sure you buy one that will stretch or break away so your pet doesn’t get strangled.

Sprays can work too, but these can make your cat freak. Medicines that need merely a few applications to the neck’s back seem to work best. They compel your cat to stress little and last a long time.

Brush or Comb

You will need to buy a brush or comb for your cat. Make sure their teeth are rounded so your cat’s skin does not get irritated. Grooming your cat always helps you reduce shedding and encourage a healthy coat.

Last Words

Cats are always among amazing pets. They provide years and years of joy and happiness to you as owners. The love you get from cats is unconditional. Whether you are spending a good day at the office or a tough day, cats will treat you in the same manner. So, with only a few essential products for your little love, you can have a cat as a friend for life.

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