If you don’t have a mobile phone today, then you’re more than seriously behind with the times. As technology advances, consumers have more choice when it comes to buying a phone. One choice is whether to go for a SIM only deal, in which you’d keep your phone number and handset but change your deal, or go with a contract phone with no upfront cost. This article looks at the benefits of contract phones with no upfront costs.

1.    You can get a phone straight away

The first big benefit of contract phones with no upfront costs is that you can get a phone straight away. You don’t have to pay for the phone outright before you can start using it. You just spread the cost of the phone and the contract across the duration of the contract.

2.    Makes expensive phones more affordable

The fact that you’re not paying for the phone upfront makes buying the phone more affordable. The longer the contract, the smaller your monthly bill will be. Even though the bill will be higher than if you choose a SIM-only deal, you can buy a more expensive phone because you’re not paying for the phone in full first. You’ll be able to enjoy using your phone and still also appreciate the finer things in life.

3.    Can get special offers and deals

It’s a battlefield out there and mobile phone networks are all competing for your business. They’ll run special offers and deals, throwing in freebies or extras such as more phone data, retail vouchers, free minutes and more to attract new customers. Think about which freebies might suit your lifestyle or help you to save a little money when you’re choosing your deal

4.    Get a phone with bad credit history

Often service providers will run a credit check, but if you fail, it’s not the end of the transaction for you. Simply, the more expensive the phone is, the harder it will be for you to get credit, so if you choose a cheaper phone you may have better luck. Other options include signing up for a contract through a reseller instead of directly with the network or saving up for a phone and getting a SIM-only deal.

5.    Can get the latest phones

If you like to stay up to date with all the tech trends, contract phones with no upfront costs are the option for you. You can get the coolest, most innovative phones on a contract. Technology is advancing constantly and by the time your contract has expired, there’s likely to be a new and better model out there to which you can upgrade.

A contract phone with no upfront costs is a good opportunity to get a fabulous phone straight away. Once you sign up, you just pay the monthly amount in the contract and can enjoy using it until the contract ends, after which time you can review your contract and upgrade to a new one or switch to a different deal (possibly with a new network).

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