One may be a morning walker, a jogger, an athlete or a tennis player or a fitness freak hitting the gym, the main thing that is of significant concern is the comfort of the feet. One may also be handicapped with knee pains due to obesity or old age and to overcome them one needs to wear proper shoes. Unless a pair of appropriate shoes is worn the enjoyment of walking or any physical activities are marred to a much extent.

The advantages of wearing the best shoes

One might be trying to walk an extra time of sprint hard to touch the touchline or stretch the legs that extra inch and the total body weight and the body balance stays on the feet. Therefore a right and good pair of shoes are needed to comfort the legs.

• Reduces muscle cramps and ligament injuries – Wearing shoes that are specific t hit the gym or tip running or sprinting the last leg is necessary so that there is no muscle pull or crams and the ligaments do not tear or get damaged. It is essential for every sports personality to wear shoes of reputed brands so that the legs stay relaxed. Since the legs bear the total body weight of any physical activity in many cases, it is, therefore, necessary to wear right shoes so that not only the legs but the spinal cord does not get injured.

• Avoids blisters and corns – With a good pair of shoes that are cushioned and made scientifically to support the foot muscles and the arches of the legs one can avoid the blisters and the corns doing the hard job. One can get specific shoes for long distance running, rear foot support shoes, for protecting overpronators and get relief from plantar fasciitis.

• Keeps the feet and the knees joints relaxed – Many good shoes help to reduce the knee pains and relaxes the foot muscles when one tries to put that extra effort in walking or tip running or participating in the marathon. A right shoe that is cushioned at proper places and helps air to pass through not only relaxes the feet and the muscles but also relaxed the joints of the knees.


One may have flat feet or knee injuries, an athlete and needs the extra strength on the legs or just a casual walker, a right pair of best available shoes helps to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. The legs should not be compromised to enjoy the movements. Become the winner wearing a perfect pair for the feet to stay relaxed.

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