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As the holidays approach small businesses and local stores see tremendous growth in their business. Holidays open a new door of opportunities for many. One of the major factors which contribute to sales these days is visual appeal. 

Many customers will run into your store just because it looks attractive which in turn will generate more sales. Thus, it is very essential to level up your decorations and visual game.

You need to create an eye-catching aura during the holidays. Here we will help you with a few Indoor Signage Design which will help you to break a leg into the market.

Decorative Decals

Examine performing a unique holiday window decal with a custom design and logo. Communicate the special message that you require to deliver to clients with a fun and friendly decal. Window decals are made to be applied and removed with ease and are excellent for displaying that limited-time advertising or seasonal special to turn window shoppers into buying shoppers.

Decorate your store in such a way that it opens the door to marketing along with the visual appeal. Try using attractive logos and stickers customized according to your business. 

This trick can be used by both offline as well as online businesses. You can also decorate the packing materials and delivery boxes of the items purchased from your store. 

A simple way is by adding a few personal messages along with the value you are providing. Try creating an Instagram-ready aura of your business so as to create a passive marketing strategy.

Holiday Hours Sign

Various businesses operate during many hours during the holiday season. A holiday hours sign lets your clients know when your company will be open so that they always know when they can visit for some holiday purchasing.


Who doesn’t like discounts? A discount always goes a long way especially during the holiday season when people already shop a lot. This is another indoor signage design that helps the business to grow to a large extent.

You can put early bird discounts, holiday special sales, limited hour discounts, etc. to create a surge among the people. Don’t worry if you make a little less profit on certain products or services, it will always be profitable if viewed in a larger frame. 

Customized Packaging 

This is another tried and tested way to increase sales during the holiday season. As we are all familiar that during holidays a lot of gifts are exchanged. That implies all the hassle of packaging the gift accordingly.

To improve sales, you can allot a dedicated day where all the products from your store will be delivered packed in customized gift wrap. This will save the hassle of packaging for the consumers and in turn make your business popular.

Special Appearance 

To make sales like a pro you need to get into the shoes of a consumer and then make decisions. Think of every possible way to improve your marketing strategies. Apart from the awesome discounts and the visual appeals what else can you do to make your business grow?

You can arrange special events like clicking pictures with Santa or other popular holiday figures, free family photographs for the consumers, etc. Try to turn your business into a touristy spot where people can enjoy their time and have fun with family and friends. 

Lucky Draws

Try arranging lucky draws at least once a week. This will again make your business popular because who doesn’t want to test their luck and in turn win free gifts during the holidays.

These were some of the best indoor holiday signage for the season. Try implementing them to see a difference.

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