The birth of a child is a momentous occasion in the family, but it’s an unforgettable and precious moment for the mom. Mom is the best blessing we receive from god. She does everything to keep you happy and capable as you are today. It’s time to do something for your mom. By giving a small present, you can express all love and care to your mom. For women, jewelry is the ideal gift to give on any occasion, but in the large jewelry industry, it’s a bit tuff to find a perfect jewelry gift for women. 

Well, you can go with the latest trend of customized jewelry. Especially, a piece of engraved custom name necklace. Let your mom feel special this time with jewelry gifts. For dear mom, here we have mentioned some stylish picks of engraved custom name necklace to show your Mumma style. Let’s take a look. 

Trendy Engraved Custom Name Necklace Picks for Moms 

  • Triple Name Necklaces 

People say that name necklaces are tacky to style up but have you tried the triple name necklace? Apart from one engraved name on necklaces, let’s see the Triple name necklaces. Furthermore, name necklaces also allow customizing five names on a single engraved custom name necklace piece. But that will look overloaded, so go with this piece. A triple name necklace gives glam to your look even when you style it with a casual dress. 

engraved custom name necklace

  • Initial Letter Necklaces 

Initial jewelry is the timeless fashion accessory that every mom should add to their jewelry wardrobe. It’s a modest, yet chic jewelry piece that moms can style up with fashion and casual wear. Initial necklaces are acceptable layer up with different neck jewelry. If you like the layer-up games, initials are best to layer with chains and other necklaces. 

Now you will find the multiple sizes for initial necklaces. Like you can go for small letters or as well for bold letter necklaces. If you have already added small initial necklaces into your jewelry wardrobe, later go for bold necklaces. 

  • Verticle Bar Necklaces 

After trying the bold initial necklaces, let’s look at the verticle bar necklaces. Bar name necklace in verticle format is all you need to show some mommy’s fashion. Or, if you are looking for customized jewelry gifts for the new moms, therefore shop with the verticle bar necklaces. You can engrave mom and her baby’s name on this engraved custom name necklace piece. 

There is one more thing you can do, if you have noticed it’s a kind of trendy thing, that people like to add some extra stuff on necklaces. Like, charms, gemstones, pearls, and more. Yes, you can add some more materials to verticle bar necklaces. Go for adding mom or her baby’s initials, or add up some birthstones. It will go to look more impressive. Customized jewelry is all about adding your personal touch to a jewelry piece. Give it a try. 

  • Handprint Necklaces

The customized jewelry market is constantly improving to provide us more. Here is a beautiful engraved custom name necklace piece to gift your mom. Go for the handprint necklaces engraved with names. 

All you need is a copy of mom or her baby’s fingerprint or handprint, and with that, you can convert these prints into a jewelry piece with the help of customized jewelry stores. You can as well go for engraving footprints and heartbeats. This engraved jewelry will be soo special gift for moms.   

  • Tree of Life Custom Necklaces

Nature-inspired jewelry is so on women’s fashion, here is an inspiration jewelry designs we receive from mother nature. Tree of life pattern is best to work with customized jewelry. You can customize multiple names and initials into this engraved custom name necklace piece. It’s a matter of size to engrave many names. Hence you can go with your preferred design. For some extra stuff, add on some birthstones or gemstones. It’s typically a family necklace to gift your lovely mom. 

  • Infinity Name Necklace 

It’s time to add on some symbolic jewelry. As infinity symbolizes eternal love and emotions, it’s a great gift to express all the love and care for your mom. Infinity necklaces can go with engraving names and birthstones, or even you can engrave multiple names too. Customized jewelry is likely to be suitable with each metalic option. Such as gold, silver, rose gold, white gold, and more. So individually people can choose their preferred materials. 

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  • Interlocking Circle Name Necklace 

It’s a beautifully engraved gift piece from a daughter to her mother. It’s a unique and eye-catchy engraved custom name necklace piece to define your fashion way. Interlocking circle necklaces are available with two or more interlocked circle plates engraved with a name on it. Most of the name necklaces are available in the market with various material options. Therefore you can go with your suitable material options. 

So that is all for the day. You can share these customized jewelry pieces as gifts to your mom, or if you are a mom, buy one for yourself. Come on, show up some Mommy style. 

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