After successfully being launched in Italy in 2018, surprising everyone for the quick development, E-talian, a fashion e-commerce founded between Milan and Rimini one year ago, has decided to expand his business also in the UK claims that the love of the British people for Made in Italy and the experience they have with shopping online make UK the best market to acquire new clients.

The Italian bow ties are witout any doubt the spearhead of E-talian :they differ in materials, where the range is from wood to ceramic, from resin to fabric, in the manufacturing process, where they supply from ateliers with working style and schools of thought profoundly different from each other, in color, where they offer an increasingly wide range of colors and styles, where they go from classic to modern, from vintage to luxury, each papillon is therefore unique and any imperfections arising from the creation contribute to sharpening even more the uniqueness and perfection. Despite each man bow tie is special and differs from the others, there is a fil rouge that connects all of them: all the bow ties are designed and handmade in Italy, from Milan to Florence, from Naples to Sicily, from skilled artisans, each with their own techniques and experiences, using high-profile materials, difficult and rare to find.

The importance of papillon in the E-talian strategy is also underlined by an interview with the owner where he said: “The companies from which we buy the bow ties have been carefully selected, after having followed closely the whole process of manufacturing and designing the bow tie, from the first forms to the finished product. The observation of these processes has allowed us in the first place to select the suppliers but also to understand the modus operandi of the Italian artisans, capturing particularities and original techniques.

For the ceramic bow ties we supply from Bowart and Potteryllon, two brands of the South, young and smart, founded by craftsmen under 35 who combine tradition with today’s style.

Even in our resin and wood bow ties, where we source respectively from Resinart Design, a young Florentine brand, and again from Bowart, tradition is combined with novelty and originality, creating really interesting and particular play of colors / shapes.

The most popular colors are certainly black, blue and red, followed by white, but we have a variety of really assorted colors: we have bow ties of all colors and various shades; we suggest, since we are near the summer, the yellow: in fact the bow-ties of this color are having a huge success and it is the most sold color of this last month”.
Anyway E-talian is not only bow ties: cufflinks, bags, braclets, hats… the offer is very vary and the goal of this e-commerce is to augment the offer of today’s product and find others product suitable for them: ties and belts are alleged to be the next products they will have but it’s all still top secret.

This artisanal approach can be noticed clearly in the interview realized by E-talian, where they asked questions to their suppliers about the way they create their products: even if the means are different, the goal is always the same: creating something unique and handmade. For example, this two interviews with two E-talian bow ties manufacturers on how they create their products shows a lot of similarities: “My products are born from a desk, with a precise research that adapts to the tastes and trends of today and tomorrow, both during a coffee at the bar or a walk to the beach or in the city, where everything can be a source of inspiration.

All our products are made entirely by hand, absolutely made in Italy, making them unique in their kind, also and above all thanks to any imperfections, which demonstrate the true craftsmanship of the product, as well as an expression of quality and artistic quality.”Claims the first one. The other give this answer: “ My products are the result of knowledge, commitment, dedication and love in what I do. For company philosophy, I do not use any machine, I believe that the processing by hand makes my products unique and sought after and every little defect embellishes the accessory. Also I think that every person who buys my product must have a piece of art, unique and unrepeatable”.

One other goal of E-talian is to take part to the most important Bristish fashion event of 2020, in order to have an online and offline visibility.

The path is long and the UK market is difficult but E-talian ideas seem very clear: even tough it will be diifficoult we think that is better not to bet against them. And you? What do you think?



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