A downturn in the economy means businesses must upturn their efforts to grab more customers. Customer experience is at the core of such efforts and for that to be a positive one you must have the right communication platform. Call center software is the right proactive solution you need to adopt if you do not already have it to see business growth.

Go out and get them

Call center software helps you become proactive instead of reactive. This means you can use the software to go out and grab customers before they go elsewhere. 70% of global customers like businesses that engage with them and 59% of customers like businesses that stay active on social media. There is a message here. You cannot be omniscient or omnipresent but you can have omnichannel contact center software to power your way across the social media pastures and pick people who are talking or even thinking aloud about products you have in your portfolio. 2 out of 3 people find omnichannel services are improving.

Generating leads

Despite all the hoopla about loyalty programs being more cost-effective you still need to get fresh new customers into your fold in 2020 and later as the world recovers from Corona prostration and political uncertainties. Call center software is ideal in that you can plan campaigns in which you use CRM data and outbound IVR or call managers to selectively send out messages. If the call center solution has voice or text broadcast feature use it to the fullest. With a powerful tool at your command, you are not limited by geographic barriers. If you are starting a small business then this is for you: Start with hosted contact center software as your prime communication tool. It will make life easier for you and energize your employees to capture leads and effectively convert them into paying customers who then become loyal and recommend you to others.

Customer experience and satisfaction 

Revenue growth follows if businesses can keep customers satisfied with an exemplary first call resolution service. Resolve issues and only 1% customers will leave. One reason to adopt call center software in business is the way in which it helps you give customer satisfaction. Over 95% of call center professionals rate customer satisfaction as a key factor.  And 75% of customers expect service across various channels and if this is not available then 73% are likely to switch brands. Businesses can take advantage of live chat, social media, video chat and messaging in addition to voice when they have a full-fledged communication platform. This realization is driving more small and medium enterprises to pick omnichannel call center software to achieve higher levels of quality services. Satisfied customers grow business and growth is essential.

Growth is essential

Small business owners often tend to stagnate after reaching a certain level because their hands are full. This would be a short-sighted approach for 2020. Growth is essential for survival otherwise competition encroaches on your territory. Look at savvy businesses: 53% give it a top priority over cost management or productivity. Include call center software as a vital tool to help you grow fast. You keep track of leads. You are in tune with customers. You can respond fast to any lead or complaint. You are always available. This is what people expect and the software helps you live up to expectations.

Personalized approach 

Today’s contact center solutions are tied to CRMs that show an existing customer’s data and history when a call is received or when you make a call. It captures inbound leads and helps you respond in a personal way. You can plan campaigns and make it appear as if you are sending a personalized message. Businesses the world over realize just how effective personalization is for customers. 69% of buyers are ready to pay higher amounts for a personalized experience. Personalization works at one level to build relationship and foster loyalty but your decisions should be based on hard facts to help you advance in 2020.

Data from recordings and analytics 

One good thing about call center software is its wealth of data and analytics. You can capture calls, record them, listen and derive intelligence. You can analyze time spent on inbound or outbound calls, the outcomes and decide on better ways to interact that would deliver quality results. Your contact center software gathers feedback that can serve as an input to improving services. Businesses are doing this and if you are not, consider it with seriousness.

Making it easy for employees

Help employees to do more and do it with less effort and stress. The right communication tool like smart omnichannel call center software eases the load on employees and helps them to actually enjoy their work. Businesses are giving priority to powering up employees as a way to grow and contact center solutions prove to be the right tool for them to handle customers as well as interact with each other.

Business growth does depend on a lot of interconnected factors, internal and external, over some of which you may not have control. However, communications are one area where you can exercise more control by using the contact center software instead of a plain IP PBX. Customers are more demanding and you have to be on your toes to succeed in 2020. Call center operations, as a separate industry, are booming and that is a pointer for businesses to include the software and customer services within their business if they wish to grow fast.

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