The fad of customized jewelry is well-going all over the globe. At the very first, we have only available limited customized ornaments options. But now, there are too many customized jewelry for women, and personalized jewelry for men products are available. With the help of customized jewelry stores, you can engrave different formats on the jewelry piece. 

You can engrave names, initial letters, dates, messages, and more on the custom-made jewelry. Customized jewelry is all about telling your story to the world. With name jewelry, you can show your fashion way perfectly. There are different font styles and languages available that you can go for engraving on a custom-made jewelry piece. Let’s take a look. 

Customized Jewelry Font Styles to Go for Engraving 

1) Script Style Font

Script style fonts are the most common style to engrave name jewelry. Script style fonts are basically the handwriting or cursive letter formats. It’s the most common way to carve your names or your dear ones’ names in a jewelry piece. Most of the customized jewelry for women products can go well with these fonts. Like, name necklaces, anklets, bracelets, rings, and so on. 

2) Block Fonts 

Block fonts are becoming trending since people now like to try something fresh and unique things. We can define block fonts as bold formats. Usually, block fonts are capital letters with the highlighted surface and maintain a gap in engraved letters. So block fonts are the perfect option if you wish to emphasize your name jewelry in a pleasing way. You can also sculpt numbers and date formats with the block font style. 

3) Gothic Fonts 

Gothic font style is much popular in customized jewelry for women ornaments. The gothic font also stands as the old English font style. Some of the personalized jewelry for men products like bracelets and name necklaces also give a good look with gothic font letters. Name jewelry will give a dazzling look with gothic formats. A piece of eye-catchy neck jewelry is perfect to be the attention of a crowd. Therefore, engrave your stunning name necklace with a gothic font design. 

4) Monogram Fonts 

And monogram is every time popular font to create your meaning name jewelry. If you follow the trend, then monogram jewelry is trendy to try now. Most customized jewelry for women products is now available with monogram carving. You can see the craze of monogram carving in name necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and more. Furthermore, people also like to stamp monogram fonts in gift boxes, birthday cards, or as logos. 

5) Roman Fonts 

Most of the time, roman fonts are a favorable choice for everyone to engrave numbers on a jewelry piece. By now, you will get some stunning varieties of personalized jewelry for men with roman style customizing. Such as date bracelets, wedding bands, cuff links, and more. 

6) Custom Fonts 

After looking at the different font styles, let’s go with custom design fonts. Custom fonts are all about your creation or your selected font style. As we all know that customized jewelry is all about carving your design into a jewelry piece that has a touch of your fashion. With the help of a custom jewelry store, you can create a jewelry piece with your own design. 

7) Different Languages Fonts 

  • Arabic Fonts 
  • Chinese Fonts 
  • Korean Fonts 
  • Russian Fonts 
  • Hindi/Gujarati Fonts 

engraved custom name necklace

Most custom jewelry stores allow customizing different languages and fonts of your choices. 

What to Engrave on Customized Jewelry Piece?

  • Beloved’s Name 

Nothing is more precious than engraving your loved one’s name in the jewelry piece. You can go for customizing your mom’s name, BFF’s name, spouse’s name, girlfriend or boyfriend’s name, your pet’s name, and so on. Name jewelry consist of name necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and more picks of customized jewelry for women and men. 

  • Initial Letters

With names, initial letters are great ones to engrave on fashion jewelry. Go for customizing your name’s first or last initial letter, or your dear one’s initial letter. 

  • Spot the Date or Year 

Let’s make your jewelry memorable by marking lucky numbers, dates, or the year. You can stamp the precious date when you and your partner were met, your wedding date, birth year, and more on bracelets and rings. Engraving number formats as well trending nowadays for personalized jewelry for men and women products. Engraving dates formats have shown in kids’ jewelry collections too. Must try out. 

  • Inspirational Quotes 

If you want to make your jewelry gift more meaningful, then you can customize inspiring quotes and messages on a jewelry piece. By gifting this engraved jewel, you can provide enough courage to your dear person and help them to step ahead. 


“Follow Your Heart”

“You Go, Girl”

“Remember Your Dreams”

“Never Give Up”

and so on. 

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  • Love Messages 

A piece of jewelry becomes more momentous when it expresses your feelings. Come on, try this out. You can customize such love messages on personalized jewelry for men and women ornaments. 


“You Complete Me”

“You are My Sunshine”

“You are the One for Me”

“Love You Till the Last” 

and more.

Furthermore, you can engrave some famous lines of the poem or the heart-touching quotes of the book. Or else you can stamp out the tiny little drawings or symbols on your chosen jewelry pick. 


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