Motorcycle trips require more planning than any other type and have some limitations. But the moments of joy are more and you are close to nature. The planning includes checking your motorcycle and making it fit for the ride and packing your things like clothes, repair kits, tools, and accessories. Of course, documents like license, ownership, registration, etc. are also important and not to be forgotten.

Important little things

Let’s start with for how long will you be traveling, how much distance you must cover, and what is the weather going to be. Then pack items according to that. If your bike is not specialized touring bikes then invest in motorcycle bags. There are plenty of options available here to choose from.

Bike inspection

Time to check your bike and make it tour ready. There are companies that would do it for you but still following are the things to check.

  • Tires should be properly inflated, replace if a replacement is needed do not risk it.
  • Cables for clutch and brakes should be in perfectly fine working conditions?
  • Lights high & low beam, blinkers, brake lights, and hazard lights.
  • Engine and brake oil, coolant, and any other fluids must be once checked and redone if needed.
  • Chassis, frame, suspension, chain or belts must be secure and intact.
  • Stands must not be cracked or bent, basically good like new.


One major limitation of motorcycle tours is storage and luggage options. First off, don’t fill up with needless items. T-shirts and joggers are quick and better options if you want comfort. If you do not have waterproof gear then rain suit is a must. Try not to get your gear wet, if the weather is going to be like that then packs an extra pair of each gear item.

Packing tip, put lightest items on top and heaviest on the bottom. Bungee cords and nets are good for holding bags in place and avoid them from flopping around. The clothing and gear you are packing should be according to the place you are going and weather conditions there. Don’t forget snacks, energy bars, and water. Face wash, soap, shampoo, and sunscreen are also very important to bring along with. Pack the medicines and prescription too, if you are on meds.

Safety is also important, always wear a full-face helmet, gloves, trousers or chaps, jacket, and this gear should be protective motorcycle gear. First aid kit with basic items should always be placed in a quick-access location. Check out motorcycle luggage bags here.


Nothing is possible without planning so is the case with motorcycle trips and tours. As exciting as it might seem at the beginning with the passage of time you might get bored and fatigued. Safety has priority to the excitement and other elements so safety gear and riding with caution and active present mind are very important. Prepare yourself before the ride begins, pack proper clothing according to weather.

If you are not going to be a part of some group then the most important thing is the route. Plan the route prior to the trip it is not something to plan moments before you go. The portable GPS system, how can you forget that! Your phone can also be used as a GPS, but you have to buy a local sim of traveling across the borders. Fill up the tank when you get the chance. A simple trick is not to let the tank reach half its capacity.

Do not ride too much in excitement, plan accordingly and take breaks in between. If you have a traveling partner it’s even better. Take turns this way you’ll be relaxed and enjoyable. Stop, stretch, eat, drink and take proper sleep.

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