Bourjois rouge velvet liquid lipstick set 5pc

Bourjois rouge edition velvet liquid lipstick is in trend.

Women loved it and praised it a Lot. Plus the shades of the rouge velvet liquid lipstick red and nude color is in demand. Although it is a little expensive.  but you can apply it once and leave it for hours. 

However, women expected it to be a directly applicable lipstick but you have to prepare your lips before applying it. 

For example, apply a little moisturizer on your lips, else daily application will darken the texture of your lips. Moreover, it looks attractive and there is no need to touch up every hour. Furthermore, the red shade name is Personne Ne Rouge whereas nude is nude-ist. 

But, never apply Bourjois rouge velvet liquid lipstick on chapped lips. The best thing is it is a liquid lipstick but gives the texture of matte. 

But It is not like old lipstick which is shiny and removable in one touch. For removing Bourjois rouge liquid lipstick you will need a remover or any fruit cream. So, that after removing it will not leave it like a stain. 

Thus, Buy the best Bourjois rouge velvet lipstick for a classy look. Let’s know what are the pros and cons of Bourjois rouge velvet liquid lipstick set 5pc.

Pros and cons of Bourjois rouge edition velvet liquid lipstick


  • Velvet liquid lipstick comes in a very good packaging that is beautiful
  • Secondly, the lipstick lid comes with the same shade of the lipstick inside
  • It is long-lasting and looks like freshly applied for hours 
  • You can apply lipstick with a light hand for a little lighter shade. Also, you can try it with slight pressure for a bold look. Hence, it is two in one. 
  • Like other regular lipstick, it will not fix in the lips line. And not even create a mess. 
  • Importantly, it gives a matte look but does not dry your lips like matte. Because it has a velvet liquid touch in the lipstick. 
  • No restriction of age group. Therefore anyone can try it. But do not give it to children under 10. 
  • No matter what your complexion is, it is For all women. 
  • regular lipstick darkens after a few hours but Bourjois rouge velvet liquid lipstick will remain the same for hours. 
  • You can apply liquid lipstick at any time. 


  •  velvet lipstick is only available in India. If you are going outside of the country then you have to carry it in your clutch. 
  • Although it is expensive yet good 
  • You only have to remove your Bourjois lipstick with a remover. Otherwise, it will leave a stain. 
  • Do not apply it on chapped lips otherwise lips become more chapped than before 
  • Better to apply moisture on lips before applying the velvet lipstick. 

Bottom line 

Thus, buy Bourjois rouge velvet liquid lipstick set 5pc and shine like an actress. It will make you more confident plus you don’t have to give the touchup again and again.  This is the expectations vs reality of Bourjois lipstick in the form of pros and cons. 


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