During 2020, the world has been affected by the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 and due to the governments have closed many businesses including Gyms to combat the spread of the virus. Gyms have been highlighted as one of the areas in which the spread of the virus would be most likely and so we have seen them closed for some of the longest. Because of this, we’ve created a guide on how to stay fit during this time without the use of a gym.

First of all, why not invest in some dumbbells that you can use at home? Dumbbells have been big business during this period with many of us trying to get our hands on a pair and therefore have become quite expensive. However, they are worth investing in as they are some of the most versatile equipment with you being able to do a virtually a whole-body workout with just the use of dumbbells.

Moreover, if you aren’t into lifting weights, then why not invest in a pair of running shoes and get out in the fresh air and improve not just your fitness but also your stamina. Running is one of them activities than anyone can get involved in as it doesn’t have much of a start-up cost as all you need is a pair of running trainers which most people have already. Also, running doesn’t just have benefits for fitness, but is the perfect distraction to everyday life as it clears your mind of any bad thoughts.

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And finally, why not get into something that you’ve never done before like Yoga? Yoga is the perfect release for many to be able to gain flexibility in their body including stretching areas in their body that they never knew they had, as well as freeing their mind like running as yoga is very relaxing if done correctly. Yoga might seem quite daunting to get into, but with the hundreds of guides and videos online, it is now easy for anyone to get into with all the help you can find online.

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