Birthdays are special for kids. You can’t find a single kid who is not excited on the day of their birthday. All the love, attention and gifts they get on their birthday is what makes it so special for them. Apart from all that, there is one more important thing that kids love very much about their birthday, and that is none other than the cake cutting part. Children love to eat cake.

The sweetness and the colorful creams and objects on the cake are what makes them love the cake cutting part. In case one of your little friends have a birthday soon and you want to surprise them with a cake then you can contact an online designer cake order.

A lot of experiments can be done with a kid’s birthday cake. No matter whichever design you choose for your kid make sure to get it done from a good place because you don’t want to compromise the taste of the cake. Here are some timeless designs you can choose for your kid’s birthday cake.

Tom & Jerry Cake

Is there anyone who doesn’t love Tom & Jerry? Tom & Jerry is a timeless cartoon. Every child must love this cartoon. The endless fighting between Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse is funny yet amusing to the children.

So if your kid also loves this cartoon then you can opt for a customized Tom & Jerry cake for them on their special day. There’s a mobile game called the talking Tom, if your kid is fond of that game then you can also customize a talking Tom cake.

Angry Bird Cake

Angry bird is another very popular cartoon that every kid loves to see. There are several Angry Birds cartoon mobile games as well, and kids these days love to play mobile games especially the angry bird ones.

So if your kid is an angry bird fanatic too then Angry Birds Cake would be the perfect surprise for them. As usual, don’t forget to get it done from a good place so that you can get exactly what you wanted.

Kid’s Picture on the Cake

Some parents love to customize their kid’s pictures on their birthday cake. These types of cakes are very famous. For this, you will be needing a good picture of your kid.

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Once you are done choosing the photo of your kid that you want to customize on the cake, you need to hand it over to the cake designer. Everyone along with your kid will love to see their face on the cake. It will make them extra happy on their birthday.

Minions Cake

Minions is also a cartoon that is very famous among the children. The little yellow characters draw every kid’s attention more than anything. Kids love to watch this cartoon for so many reasons.

They all love to eat bananas and how they eat them is even funnier. Besides, there are some cute songs in the cartoon which the kids love to listen to. So if your kid is fond of minions then a minion cake would be a great option. Find a good cake designer nearby and place a Minions Cakes order for the special day of your kid.

These are some popular types of cake that you can order for your kid’s birthday.

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