Basketball is an extremely popular sport. Bookmaker offices offer extensive action lines for this sport. Therefore, basketball predictions  are in demand among bettors.

Scores 24 is an analytical resource that has proven to be one of the best assistants for betting enthusiasts. It features a lot of useful information and publishes sports predictions every day. Basketball has a special place among all disciplines.

During the regular European and American championships, the number of predictions for basketball games often exceeds the number of predictions for soccer. All the information is worked out by experienced forecasters who apply modern analytical programs and strategies. Therefore, visitors receive only high-quality predictions.

Scores 24 offers a lot of advantages, including the following:

  • all predictions are free of charge; they are published on a daily basis;
  • there is no need to spend time on analysis; a good bet is just a few clicks away;
  • the website has a comparison of odds offered by the best bookmakers’ offices for each match;
  • the platform supports multiple languages;
  • in addition to the predictions, users can get a high-quality description of the teams and their statistics;
  • outcomes of games can be followed on the platform.

Basketball betting

Basketball betting is similar in principle to betting on other sports. Especially there are some similarities with hockey predictions. But, at the same time, there are many peculiarities of this sport that should be taken into account when making a bet.

Bookmakers offer the opportunity to bet on the winner of the match, handicaps, totals, individual performance of players, the length of penalty time. There are also offers for betting on individual periods. Especially a lot of unique options arise when making deals online. Let us look at some of the nuances in basketball betting.

Types of basketball bets and their features

As mentioned above, when it comes to basketball events, bookmakers offer not only bets on the winner of the match, but also an extensive action line with many options. These markets are used by most experienced cappers because it is easier to find good odds there. The bookmaker’s analysts find it simpler to calculate the probability of the main outcome than to correctly determine the expected total or handicap. Therefore, it is easier to overplay a betting company on such bets.

Bets on total

Bets on total bets are one of the most popular deals when it comes to basketball. These types of bets can even be called a feature of the basketball line of most bookmakers.

As a rule, the action line for the top games contains a lot of options related to team performance. Sometimes the range of expected scores is quite large. For example, a player can bet on TO 185 for the match. But if you want to get a higher odds, there are options for deals on TO 195 or other values.

Bookmaker offices offer not only the game totals but also many other options. It is possible to place such bets for individual quarters, for half of the game, or until the end of a certain period. Reputable bookmakers also offer foul totals, totals of three-point shots, rebounds (both team and individual players), as well as other statistical indicators.

The positive side of betting on basketball totals is the ability to calculate this indicator more accurately based on statistical data on the performance of the teams and individual basketball players. In this case, the bettors are more protected than in similar deals in soccer. During the game, teams score a lot of points, and a small deviation from the expected result may not affect the final result of the bet. But in soccer, even a single accidental goal, a defender’s error, or auto goal can turn everything upside down.

Due to the high performance of basketball games, there is another special feature when it comes to betting on the total. When betting on a slightly lower number of points, the odds don’t change as noticeably. For example, if in soccer on the TO 2.5 gives is estimated at 1.90, and a bettor places the bet on the TO 2.0 to be on a safe side, the odds on such an outcome can drop to 1.40-1.50.

When it comes to basketball, everything is much more favorable. A player can bet safely with much fewer losses. For example, if on a flat line bookmaker offers to bet on TO 210 with odds of 1.90, then a deal on TO 205 will be estimated at about 1.65-1.70.

One of the features of betting on the total is the possibility of corridors. This strategy is the best for basketball and experienced cappers actively use it. The main condition – you need to have several active wallets in different bookmakers’ offices. And if the values offered by the bookmakers on a flat line differ by 3 or more points, it is possible to use a similar tactic making two opposite bets on the same match.

Betting on the match outcome

When it comes to betting on the match outcome in basketball, this type of bet involves a deal on the winner of the game at the end of regular time or taking into account overtime. In the latter option, there are no bets on the draw, as the teams have an unlimited number of overtime periods to determine the winner.

As to the games of North American championships (NBA and NCAA), most establishments assume that the main outcome means the result including overtime. Therefore, before betting on the winner of a basketball game in a particular bookmaker’s office, you should check the rules for calculating such bets.

You can also find other variations of outcomes in the action line. For instance, bets on the winner in a particular quarter are popular. Such options are especially interesting in the Live mode and are often combined with the catch-up strategy.

Betting with handicaps

Handicaps are used to be on the safe side when betting on the underdog of the match or to increase the odds if the bet is on the favorite. The range of handicaps in basketball is huge. When it comes to equal teams, the handicap can vary from 0.5 to 5. However, if the clubs are of different levels, handicap often exceeds 20.5.

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