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Intruders love to use their arsenal of tricks to force windows that are not adequately protected. It is not difficult or expensive to protect your windows at home. Begin by looking at all your windows, including those in the basement, garage and any other second-story windows that are easy to reach from below the ground. Each one should be listed on a piece of paper. Note the type of lock and its brand.

Most locks will need to be replaced or, at the very least, enhanced. Keep fire safety in mind as you look at new locks and fastenings devices. If you have keyed locks, for example, make sure you keep your keys close by and that everyone knows where they are in an emergency.

You may find that the standard locks don’t provide enough protection if you have identified windows you feel are particularly vulnerable. You might consider replacing standard glazing with impact-resistant acrylic, polycarbonate, or high-security glass. If appearance is not important, you can install a metal grille on the outside of the window or a security gate with a cut-out design inside.

Some gates come with quick-release levers that can open the door in an emergency. However, a stationary grille could render the window unusable as an exit in the case of a fire. A phone-in security system is another option. This notifies the police and security companies when the doors or windows detect an intrusion.

Types of Window Sashes:

Burglars will usually attempt to enter through a window first and a door second. Thieves want to avoid the sound of breaking glass. The sash is more durable if it has a higher quality.

Double-hung windows with ordinary sash locks can be used to prevent drafts. However, they are not designed to protect against break-ins. A burglar can insert a knife between the sash, flip the latch open, or force the lower part of the latch to release it if he’s really in a hurry.

Hinged Wedge Lock:

The hinged wedge lock can partially open a window, but it prevents the window’s sash from being lifted far enough for an intruder. You can swing it away to open the window at any height.

Folding Lock:

A folding lock can be removed and folded to one side for double-hung windows. The sash can then be raised.

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Lock with Keyed Sash:

To fit most double-hung windows, keyed sash locks are available. You can remove the old lock and fill in the holes with screws. Drill new fastener holes and then install the unit.

Ultimate Guide How to Install a Casement Windows:

Casement windows are among the most secure type of windows you can have. If the casement is strong and good shape, it may not require a lock. If the window is large enough for an adult and opens to over 6 1/2 inches, you can remove the operator crank.

To limit the opening distance of the window, a chain lock can be installed. It is the same type as used for doors. Secure it with the longest screws possible to secure the frame and sash.

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Install a keyed lock on the sash rail for additional protection. Keep the key close to family members so they can all find it in case of an emergency.

Four Ways to Get a Sliding Windows

Drive sheet-metal screws halfway into the tracks to keep the window sash in place. The screws should be adjusted so that the window slides barely over them. There is no room to maneuver the sash above the tracks. A simple clip made of metal will stop a burglar from prying open the window by removing the metal catch that keeps it closed. The clip can be bent to fit the window channel and placed in the lower track against the closed inner-frame.

A Charley bar, although more obvious, will also stop intruders from opening sliding windows. You can lift the bar to its “up” position and clip it against an inner sash. Sliding windows can be protected with key-operated locks. They also work well with vertical sliding windows. With the window sash closed, mark the location of the lock on the windowsill and drill a bolt hole in its sill. Drill additional holes in your sill to secure the window when it is partially open.


There are many security bars available, and each one can be adjusted to fit most windows. Many security bars have locking mechanisms that allow you to swing them open. For deep-set windows, they mount on the casing. The fasteners must reach the framing members in each case.

The bars can be used to position the opposite bracket. Mounting screws are often equipped with inserts that make them difficult to remove. Glass block is a good choice if security is more important than the outside view. You can order prefabricated units that are ready to be mortared together.

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