If you are one of those who like wearing suspender belts attached lingerie than you are reading the right blog as we will tell you everything about them.And how to combine them with stockings to get that perfect provocative lingerie look and if you don’t wear them you are definitely going to start wearing your stockings or lingerie with suspender straps. Let’s know about them:

What Are Suspenders?

A suspender is a single most iconic and vintage styled in lingerie. It makes you wear your lingerie and hosiery tightly and perfectly. A suspender belt consists of a piece of lingerie with suspender straps to attach your seductive stockings and tights to the lingerie set. It has commonly two straps, but you can get 4 straps suspenders or 6 strap suspender belt UK as they provide more protection and comfort.

These belts will be worn on any occasion, be it your office, party or wedding. If you want to look sensual in the party then you can go with these belts under your dress. Talking about the office wearing this belt will make you feel comfortable, and you can be sure your stockings are at the place all the time. Want to raise the heat inside your bedroom? Then what are you waiting for? Get yourself the best quality suspender belt and make yourself look sexy and alluring.

What Is A Difference Between Suspender Belt, Suspender Stockings and Suspender Bands?

  • The suspender belt is also known as a garter belt. And you can wear this suspender belt attached to stockings or just wear them with a lingerie set.
  • The suspender stockings are one-piece garments, also termed as suspender tights.  However, it doesn’t give you the freedom to remove straps, unlike the suspender belt.
  • Suspender bands are different things; brides mostly wear them on the wedding day. They are both cute and seductive to look at; they are usually paired withholds up or a suspender belt with matching stockings.

How to Choose the Right Suspender Belts?

When you want to wear stockings and want to keep them in the right place, you should opt for a suspender belt in perfect size as the right supportive belt will fit snugly on the waist area. If you wear a revealing one which is worn around the hips is unlikely to keep stockings firmly in place and is best for boudoir rather than using every day.

Choosing the right size of the suspender belt is very important as it won’t strain or press into your flesh and a too small-sized belt also looks unflattering and it feels uncomfortable while wearing. Nor should you opt for a large-sized suspender belts, it will make your stockings slide from your body and be discomforting.

You should also opt for suspender belts which have an adjustable strap. It should not be very long your stockings will drop and if they are too short it won’t give you enough stretch while you sit and will also tug at the belt either causing it to slide down or creating discomfort while wearing to the wearer. So always choose the best suspender belts and by all from stockings shop online to get the best ones.


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