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“Promoting offline applications for Android app development services can be a complex task, however, it doesn’t have to be. With the right tools and techniques, you will find that creating an app for offline use is quite easy.

How to create an offline app with react native mobile app development?

These are some of the ways how you can make your web application builds offline:

1) Develop Your App With This in Mind From the Beginning. 

This will allow you to rethink how users engage with your site and build different interactions around being connected or being offline. Consider using a strategy pattern to manage different synchronization strategies for each data type with react native mobile app development.

2) Use Google Gears

If you have not yet started building an application with react native mobile app development, use the Google Gears project as it allows you to build offline applications with standard web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Not using Gears? Google provides a wide variety of APIs that can help provide working offline functionality. These include: 

HTML5 Offline Storage – Enables browsers to locally store key/value pairs of data via the new HTML5 cache manifest. 

Google Calendar APIs – Provides a way to manage events on Google Calendar using standard web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. 

3) AppCache API

If you are working with an existing application that was built without Google Gears or HTML5 offline storage in mind, then your best bet is to use the AppCache API available in Firefox 3.5+, Safari 4+, and Chrome 2+.


If you are not using any of the APIs listed above, then you can always fall back on creating your custom offline support by developing a standard web page (HTML, CSS & JavaScript) that can detect if an Internet connection is available or not. 

If JavaScript is your game, then you can try out JS/UIX, a JavaScript library for developing offline-enabled web apps.

Why use Standard HTTP Headers for Android App Development Services?

If all else fails, create several versions of the same application (one that is connected and another that is offline) and use user agent sniffing to determine when to serve each version. Using standard HTTP headers when requesting information from the server to determine if the user agent is online or offline can help.

How Can Users Interact with Data Offline for Android App Development Services?

If we want our users to be able to interact with the data they have stored offline then it is important to follow the following steps

1) Expose this Information in a Meaningful Way Within Our App’s User Interface (UI). 

For example, if your app made by Android app development services were to allow users to save their music playlists offline then you might want to show this information in the UI by exposing an area of the screen where they can play or delete these songs without having to go into another section of your app. This way, users can interact with any data related to our application which is stored locally even though they may not have a data connection available at that time. 

2) Submitting Relevant Data via HTTP Requests

Another common use case for being able to submit/store data after a call has been made from within an Android app would be when taking photos using an online service such as Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) – you don’t want users losing their photos if they haven’t been successfully submitted. 

If the user has a poor connection or is offline when they try to submit/store their photo via GCM then it could fail so you will need to have a process in place that can resubmit any data submitted online whenever a new network connection becomes available – again, we won’t go into detail here as this process would depend on how your application works but it’s worth considering that these steps should happen transparently whenever possible.


It is difficult to create an offline app. However, follow the above steps to create an offline app and it will be easy to make. It is best to contact android app development services. 

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