There are many reasons you might consider changing the energy supplier used by your company – anything from looking to reduce your overhead to trying to improve your firm’s overall carbon footprint. However, before searching for new providers, you should be aware of the standard queries most energy companies will ask before taking your firm on as a customer.

Common questions asked by energy providers

Whether you choose to search online for a provider on a business energy comparison site like – or choose to take a more direct approach by getting in touch with possible suppliers by phone – you should be prepared to answer some standard questions.

Location: It sounds obvious, but an energy company will need your address details before providing a cost for their service. While this normally shouldn’t cause any problems, if you’re moving to new premises and are looking to hook up energy, you’ll need to be sure of the full address.

Details of your current provider and plan: Your new supplier will ask you for details of your current provider and plan – plus your typical energy usage – so they can tailor the best deal based on your requirements. If you’re not sure of these details, you should get in touch with your current provider to clarify your package and how much energy your firm typically uses. With this information at hand, prospective suppliers will be able to work out which service suits you best – plus, you’ll be in a much better position to drive a better bargain.

Have at least some idea of the kind of plan you’re looking for: All companies are different – as are their energy requirements. As mentioned above, there are several reasons why you might want to change supplier, so it’s a good idea to check around the available plans offered by major suppliers, so you at least have a rough idea of what you’re looking for. You should also have an idea of how long you want to commit to a supplier (bearing in mind new customers frequently get better deals).

Compare the plans you’re offered: This is where price comparison sites come into their own as the online provider will scour the web for plans and prices that are best suited to your particular needs – then present you with a comprehensive, side-by-side list so you can evaluate the relative merits of each package. If you choose to a more manual approach, it can often be hard to accurately compare services against each other.

Changing provider: Contrary to what you might think, changing provider is very easy. Whether you use a price comparison site or go direct, you just need to confirm your choice, and the new provider will take care of the rest (including arranging for the switch from your old energy company). However, you should ensure you take care of two things before the switch:

  • Ensure you take a final meter reading on the day you change provider.
  • If you paid your previous provider by direct debit, you must make sure you cancel the payments
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