A Guide on Dressing for a Formal Event


Any formal event can be an exciting occasion, a chance to dress up and spend quality time with friends and family, as well as indulge a little bit more in the finer things in life. Nevertheless, it can often be a tricky endeavour to know where to start when it comes to your outfit, especially if you’re not familiar with dressing for formal events. This guide can help. 

Being Comfortable is Just as Important as What You Wear

Naturally, with a formal event, there’s more focus on what you’re wearing and whether it has that wow factor. However, it’s more important to be comfortable because formalwear can be more restrictive than casual or smart clothing. If you end up wearing something which you’re not comfortable in, then it can risk ruining the whole event for you. 

It’s essential to not only try on your intended outfit but also try moving around in it, including walking, sitting down in it, and imagining how you would feel wearing it all day or all night, as well as anything else like dancing in it. 

An outfit may look spectacular on, but if it’s too tight when you sit or feels restrictive, then it may not be comfortable for you. 

How Formal is Formal? 

There are still various subcategories within formalwear, so it’s essential to double-check the dress code in detail before you go shopping. Some formal events may call for the whole works, such as full-length ballgowns and a tuxedo, but others may simply request a formal dress and suit. 

Be sure you understand the dress code so that you don’t end up overspending or buying the wrong outfit. 

Make Savings Where You Can

Buying formal attire can easily rack up a large bill, and it’s often difficult to justify expensive formalwear purchases when you can’t easily wear the items for other occasions. It’s important to spend as little as you can on formalwear by looking for deals and savings to be made. 

Savings with high street stores like a Debenhams discount code mean you can browse the formalwear selection like dresses and suits and make a saving without having to compromise on the quality of your outfit. 

Utilise Accessories

The right accessories can make a simpler outfit infinitely more formal, especially when it comes to jewellery. If you’d rather spend a bit more on accessories that you can wear again and use to dress up your outfit, then this can be an acceptable formal dress, too. Think about bold, statement pieces that sparkle and which complement your outfit. 

For men, you could dress up with extras such as a tie pin, a bold-coloured tie or bowtie, and additions like a formal pocket square and cufflinks. 

When in Doubt, Go for Black

Black is always a safe colour choice for a formal event, and it’s a choice that can have you feeling comfortable and confident without having to worry about clashing with anybody else or being too bold. Black looks fantastic for formal events for both men and women, whether it’s a little black dress or a formal black suit. 

Key Points

Therefore, when dressing for a formal event, it’s important to remember: 

  • Be comfortable 
  • Be clear on the dress code and invitation 
  • Add accessories to improve an outfit 
  • Avoid thinking that formal means you have to spend a fortune 
  • Have fun!

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